Sunday, October 23, 2011

An Angel In Heaven

Who would want to corrupt an angel???

Dear friends, I have found a piece of haven where you can take your love one dancing.  It is a beautiful ballroom in the sky. Actually it was my good friend Roj that took me there dancing the other day. Not only can you dance there but there are other romantic poses available for couples.

* * * * * * * HEAVEN * * * * * * *

is obviously the name of this celestial place where angels live, as the description says. There you will find the Golden Gate which we all hope that will be wide open for us when the time comes to join our Heavenly Father. Also a beautiful glass stairway to a higher heaven completes the picture.... I guess the higher section its only for "First Class" souls :O

Now going back to the question of who would want to corrupt such a sweet angel, well you would be surprised of how many were eager to make me lose my wings and halo when I took a little trip down to earth.

This is a chat I had with one of my friends that I will be calling ???? in this post. You know its just to protect his identity..... I am such a good angel ;)
[06:51] ????: hi
[06:51] Lori Novo: hola
[06:52] Lori Novo: omg u just won L$
[06:52] Lori Novo: u ugly :P
[06:53] ????: lol
[06:53] ????: its kinda cute
(Refering to my angel outfit)
[06:53] Lori Novo: I was in Heaven right now
[06:54] Lori Novo: an angel in heaven
[06:54] ????: semi sexy semi......cute
[06:54] Lori Novo: lol
[06:55] Lori Novo: ok Mr. ???? I let you to continue getting rich :P
[06:55] ????: lol u cud help me
[06:55] Lori Novo: lol, I suck at games
[06:56] Lori Novo: I might bring u bad luck
[06:56] ????: sucking can b a good skill 2 have lol

[06:56] Lori Novo: lol
[06:56] Lori Novo: :P
[06:56] ????: nooo u turn up as a sexy angel and now im being naughty lol
[06:57] Lori Novo: Mr, ????, you are being REALLY bad to this sweet angel :PPPP
[06:57] Lori Novo: shame on you
[06:57] ????t: nods shall i corrupt u whilst uv fallen 2 earth!?
[06:57] Lori Novo: hahaha
[06:58] Lori Novo: noooo, ok mr.????, continue getting lost in sin of gambling while I return to Heaven.... talk to u later
[06:58] Lori Novo: have fun and good luck
[06:58] ????: lol aaaw
[06:58] Lori Novo: lol ok, adios xxxx
[06:58] ????: adios princesa x x

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