Real Life
I'm a Latina from the Rio Grande Valley in Texas. I'm the mother of two wonderful kids who are my world! I love Milky Way chocolate bars, the rain, and to sing and dance. I find almost everything funny, but I can cry very easily too. I'm a total goof who doesn't mind making a fool of myself. I consider myself an optimist and try to find beauty in even the smallest of things. I love people and I do my best to focus on only the goodness of humanity. I'm shy and quiet... sometimes. I have a strong will but I also love to be cuddled and spoiled too, because why not?
These are a few of my favorite things:
•Music: ALL
Movies: Most kinds
Animal: Kittens
Color: Red
Books: Inspirational
Food: Mole Sauce with Chicken
Dream: Seeing my kids dreams becoming a reality

Second Life:
Blogger ✦ Model  Explorer  Photographer
I use Second Life to explore the wonders of cyberspace. I was introduced to SL by my good friend Catero Revolution back in August 29, 2010.
The Blogger:
This blog was created for me by my daughter back in June 3, 2011. Originally it was created as a personal blog for my own SL journey memories, kind of like a diary. It was meant to be private but my daughter encouraged me to share it with friends and so the blog kept a low profile for almost 2 years. After that I officially enlisted the blog in Second Life and added it to a few feeds and the response I got was surprising. It skyrocketed very quickly in this last year.
My favorite thing is exploring and most of the time I am alone; I love my solitude. I do not like accepting random friend requests because I prefer a small list of friends that I feel a real connection with than a long list of names of people I never talk to. I'm no fan of drama and I WILL avoid people that add negativity to my Second Life experience. I prefer to keep my real life private so I really appreciate this being respected as I do the same for the people I meet. 

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