Blogging is my passion and my one and only reason for being in Second Life. With that being said, thank you for visiting my blog and I really hope you enjoy your stay!
I would also like to thank you for taking interest in having me review your products and having them feature in my blog. 

✦ Review copies sent to me by designers are always welcomed, but please keep in mind that not everything sent will be covered in the blog. Only those items that fit my Avatar's style will be used and in no way do the rejected ones reflect the designer's talent, they may just not go with Lori Novo's image.
Your talent is always greatly admired and respected by me even when I do not get to use your designs!

✦ Items considered for use may take from 3 to 15 days to appear in the blog.

I enjoy taking my time and I like to take pictures and put a post together when I feel inspired to. I want to truly enjoy my blogging experience every step of the way.

✦ I often love combining more than one designer and topic in my posts. Mixing & matching pieces from different designers' outfits to create a new look is another thing that I do sometimes. I will use items sent as I feel inspired to do with the main purpose of creating a more creative picture than just a commercial one.

✦ I like notifying my readers about group gifts, new and/or beautiful sims, and any kind of events happening (Fairs, Store Sales, Gachas, etc.) Information about these is also welcomed. Please notice, however, that for these type of posts I will use the designers' and event organizers' pictures most of the time.

Please take the time to browse through my Flickr Stream!

If you like my photography and blogging style and wish for me to review your store, please feel free to send me your review products and a notecard with your name and ALL important information (including LM's) you wish for me to inform my readers about. I will notify you if your item/items were featured in the blog with a post link through a notecard.

Thank you very much for your visit and any questions you may have, feel free to send me a notecard inworld to Lori Novo (IM's usually get capped within minutes), leave it as a comment here or email it to And once again, thank you for your understanding and support, it is much appreciated!

Looking forward to a wonderful collaboration experience with you, 
~ Lori Novo ~