No Woman Left Behind

Hola beautiful world!
Hoping you're enjoying your Tuesday. This could be the best day of your life you know,
and tomorrow could be even better, it all depends on how you take the things that life
throws your way. Sometimes we just need to create our own sunshine under the heavy rains
of life. 

I have been enjoying so much writing again like in the old days and so thankful to
you all for taking precious time from your busy days to come and visit me. Since 
I started writing again, the blog views have gone up every day which indicates that I
must be doing something right and I am hoping it is my writings. 
Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

So now I would like to talk to you about exploring and how this works, 
or should work according to my personal opinion.
I am referring when supposedly you are out to explore in Second Life 
with a companion, perhaps a partner.

Exploring together means staying together
and by this, I don't necessarily mean holding hands
because as we all know, that is impossible in Second Life
unless you buy one of those HUDS for walking, holding hands, etc.,
but then you'll probably just look like two clumsy goofballs 
because honestly, those animations usually look so robotic and/or clumsy.
I am also not talking about walking side by side
because that would also be hard to do...
can you imagine, have you ever tried it? Impossible Again!
What I am saying is that at least, when you arrive at the destination
where you suppose to be exploring together your partner doesn't
just take off like a race horse that you have to chase after. 
Or you blink for a second and he has disappeared
and you finally locate him on the other side of the map.

Exploring together means staying together at least at the beginning.
After a while, both people can part ways and continue to explore on their own
if they want.

But if the plan is to have a romantic time exploring together
the rule is, both stay together at all times, one leads, while the other follows
with a minimal distance as possible between both. 
No woman should ever be left behind 
because many women have already been lost this way
to tigers and sexy men, I mean and bears
when their partners leave them behind.

Walk together.
Let there be a mutual communication between the both of you
on what direction the exploration is taking
rather than saying "Heyyy, I am over her, hurry up!"
when you are already halfway done exploring
all while your beautiful and wonderful partner bent down 
just to tie her shoelaces.

Thanks for reading my beautiful people!
Mucho Amor,
Lori Novo

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