Thalia Heckroth

“Inside me there was everything I had believed was outside. 
There was, in particular, the sun, light, and all colors… 
Light is an element that we carry inside us and which can grow there 
with as much abundance, variety, and intensity as it can outside of us…
I could light myself…that is, I could create a light inside of me so alive...
― Jacques Lusseyran

Hair *NEW ~ Luane ~ Letituier The Chapter Four (Ends Jan. 30 - Gallery)
Headpiece ~ Wills Gacha Collection (Cream) ~ Lode
Dress *NEW ~ Mila (Details) ~ Thalia Heckroth
Pose *NEW ~ Moments (#12) Gacha ~ BESHA The Chapter Four (Ends Jan. 30 - Gallery)
Catwa  Head
Maitreya Mesh Body 
Model & Photographer Lori Novo

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(Rounds Run from the 4th. til the Last)
Designer Chirzaka Vlodovic
Designer Thalia Heckroth

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