Leave Me With My Sins


Bury all your secrets in my skin
Come away with innocence and leave me with my sins
The air around me still feels like a cage
And love is just a camouflage for what resembles rage again

So if you love me let me go
And run away before I know
My heart is just too dark to care
I can't destroy what isn't there?

Deliver me into my fate
If I'm alone I cannot hate
I don't deserve to have you
Ooh, my smile was taken long ago
If I can change I hope I never know
I still press your letters to my lips
And cherish them in parts of me that savor every kiss...


Walk away
and continue walking
just don't look back
let me slowly fade away.

If you stay
we gonna end up hurting each other in the end
intentionally or unintentionally
I'll hurt you
and you will hurt me.

I do not know how to hold on to your feelings
so just walk
to slowly fade away...

-Lori Novo

Exile - Something Wicked Hair
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Model & Photographer Lori Novo
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Paparazzi 📷 Strike A Pose

Ladies with an attitude
Fellas that were in the mood
Don't just stand there, let's get to it
Strike a pose, there's nothing to it...

“A female is a thing, something cold, empty. But a woman, a woman has that gleam in her eye.
The mix of compassion, softness, gentleness, grace, yet intense passion, 
a smile of playfulness one moment and mystery the next. Light, ay, a woman is light.”
― Kelleen Goerlitz

Started my weekend shopping early this week. You know, trying to take advantage of all
weekend sales like Fifty Linden Friday, 99 Sale, Fly Buy Friday, etc. Too many to mention.
My first stop today was to ALEUTIA ] Main Store (Moderate) where I saw all the beautiful
women below there. All different in their fashion style, yet we all had one thing in common for sure...
we all wanted the Peggy Dress.

I parked my little butt outside on a bench while I kept seeing girls just come and go non-stop,
and I kept thinking WOW! I was amazed at how with all our differences we get to make our world 
more beautiful and interesting. Can you imagine how it would be if we all looked and
dressed the same? BORING! However, all these ladies' styles can serve as inspiration to other
women like myself that struggle when it comes to putting an outfit/look together.
As I always say, never 100% copy but duplicate what you see in your own way. A BIG shout-out 
to all these beautiful ladies!

Thanks For Reading My Beautiful People!
Much love,
Lori Novo

📷  Shown In The Order I Took The Pictures 📷 

angel.suki - malika.melodious - astariris.atheria - aisha - leeh-uwu - SumSum Larnia - summery.bellic - Alice December
 FeiFei Chang - Blanca Capalini - Minuet Littlepaws - Trinity Murphy (sissorana) - riverremix - velvet.jigsaw
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Head Held High and Lips Parted


Joining Adas Davi and PaoloF05 for a bit of Tai Chi at Temura Island (Moderate).
Just like in the old days when I would go for my daily dose of Tai Chi while enjoying the company
of the people that would join the circle.

“Head held high and lips parted, she breathed in the music, sending it through her torso and arms and
legs the way the Tai Chi teacher told us to breathe the air, transforming it into energy, motion.
Dancing is the body's song, and Bess sang.”
― Lynne Sharon Schwartz

Howdy Partner!
Just like any Tejana (Texan girl), I love my hats and kicker boots 
but not much into the big buckled belts. Not much into western shirts either.
I prefer a simple tight tee to go with the jeans. 
Give me a good pair of tight jeans, a good old cowboy hat,
and a pair of worn-out cowgirl boots and you got me at my best. 

Ending now my Tai Chi with only me and Adas Davi left in the circle.

Over and Out my Beautifuls!
Lori Novo

I Feel Love


Ooh it's so good, it's so good
It's so good, it's so good
It's so good
Ooh I'm in love, I'm in love
I'm in love, I'm in love
I'm in love
Ooh I feel love, I feel love
I feel love, I feel love
I feel love

I feel love...

Trying our new Noveny - Beach Cabana - Wood (Adult) Bed.

Ooh it's so good, it's so good
It's so good, it's so good...

We like constantly adding new toys to our playground. ;)
Location: Our Home.

Autumn Rainbow


"Dearest, I'm broken
My body is unspoken
How could I be loved?
Wake up in the morning
Feeling uncertain
Like a burning old scar
For I remember
The courage I had as a child
Various colours I'm hiding inside
She's a rainbow..."

Hello Beautiful World!
Turning the page and moving on.
I've always hated getting stuck in a feeling for too long unless it is a good one.
Sometimes my basket is full of beautiful red apples and other times
it is full of heavy rocks. But that is life and we must learn how to carry both baskets.
OUCH! Broke a nail carrying my basket but oh well...
it'll grow back. That is the attitude. ;)

Today, it rained while I was taking an afternoon nap, and the smell of the rain woke me up.
I love the smell of the rain. I had the curtain open so I stayed in bed 
watching and listening to the rain for a good while. There was so much peace in those minutes.
Before my nap, I had been in my Steppenwolf's arms feeling so loved,
and waking up minutes later to the rain was the perfect continuation of many small special
events that life so lovingly and generously kept gifting me throughout the day.

Life is truly full of beautiful moments!
- Lori Novo

Model & Photographer Lori Novo
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The Clouds Have Been Grey

Hold my hand, everything will be okay
I heard from the heavens that clouds have been grey
Pull me close, wrap me in your aching arms
I see that you're hurtin', why'd you take so long

To tell me you need me? I see that you're bleeding
You don't need to show me again
But if you decide to, I'll ride in this life with you
I won't let go 'til the end

So cry tonight
But don't you let go of my hand
You can cry every last tear
I won't leave 'til I understand
Promise me, just hold my hand

Raise your head, look into my wishful eyes
That fear that's inside you will lift, give it time
I can see everything you're blind to now
Your prayers will be answered, let God whisper how...

Lately, I've been walking wishing not to be noticed.
In my head, I am simply a ghost that no one can see, touch, or hurt.
Just because I seem to be a strong woman, there are those that think I do not feel pain.
I do! Deeply and strongly.
I get sad, I cry, I hide, and I want to run away.
Your words cut my heart making it bleed.
Your words can instantly turn my smile into sad tears.
But I hide my face away. I always do.
I am doing it right now...

Now, I turn my face back to you after I have wiped away the tears
and with a smile, I say to you... Hello Beautiful World!

Today I found this very cute spot at [Flirt] Store (Adult) of these bunnies on a fountain that even on my
sad days, I still manage to find things that will make me smile... or laugh. ;)
Below is the story I came up with as soon as I saw them.

Bunnies In The Rain 🐇

Bunny One: You jump in, I don't want to get wet. (Looking to his left)
Bunny Two: I don't either. Why don't you jump first? (Looking to his left)
Bunny Three: Why me? I don't want to get wet either. You jump! (Looking to her left)
Bunny Four: Naw Naw, last time I jumped in first and no one else jumped after me.
                                      I was the only one that got wet. Why don't we all just jump in together 
at the same time and we all get wet?

Get it? :P

Dress-Belle Epoque - Maite - Sunrise ● FAGA - Dove Hairstyle ● Cloud Into the Woods Parasol ~ Schadenfreude
*HEXtraordinary* March Hare Fountain ● Botanical - Lotus A v1.2 ● *alirium* DwarfForest [OldGold]
[cambia] Rain (Natural)

Happy Birthday Virita!

Because you loved flowers, I planted a garden for you in my heart.
Because you loved butterflies, I always let them dance in my memories of you.
Because you continue to live in my heart, I celebrate your birthday today
and every year to come.

Happy Birthday My Beautiful Virita!
Te amo with all my heart.

Forever Trusting Who We Are

It was the year two thousand and...
Well, I really don't remember.

On a spring afternoon, he held her hand and guided her into the woods of a very solitary sim.
As they walked deeper and deeper inland she kept wondering where were they going.
Finally, they came to an open area, more like a ballroom in the middle of the woods.
With the tall trees surrounding them like big walls, and the ground carpeted with beautiful grass
and small-pastel flowers. As she turned to the left, she discovers a shiny grand piano. Suddenly
she sees a man appear from behind the woods that goes straight to the piano and begins to play her
favorite song of all time, Nothing Else Matters.

Her loved one then takes her in his arms and they begin to dance.

Hello Beautiful World!
This is just a far-gone memory from many years ago that I wanted to share with you.
This is one of the many nice things that my partner at the time did for me.
Of course, the feelings that I once shared with that man are far gone. Now and for the
rest of my life, my heart and all my love belong to my Steppenwolf.
However, the memory of that day still lingers because it was the very first time I ever heard
my favorite song being played on a piano.

Last night I found a new version sung by Chris Stapleton.
But to be honest, any version I can find of Nothing Else Matters, I am going to love it for sure!

Thanks For Reading!
Much love,
Lori Novo

My Location: Countryside (Adult)
WLS: [EUPHORIA] smoky blue sky

A Pink Fairytale by Cica Ghost


''Once upon a time lasts forever.''
- Philip Pullman


Hello Beautiful World!
Today my visit to Cica's newest sim was exactly what I needed to help me unwind a little from
all the stress that I was feeling. Earlier in the morning, I had gone for a mammogram, and
since I already had two scares in past years that thankfully after four biopsies the results were good, 
I still can't help feeling so anxious and worried every time I go to get my boobies
checked. Once I got home from my appointment, I knew I had to find something to do to keep my
head occupied and forget a little all my worries, And Cica's Pink Fairytale was the perfect
distraction for me.

By the way, while I waited in the waiting room to be called in for my mammogram I spent those
minutes just staring at a plant that was across the room from me, but I'll tell you more about
this special plant sometime soon. Yes, there is a story to be told about that. ;)

Now, don't try to adjust your eyes thinking that you are stuck only in the pinks. This is actually
a complete PINK creation. A very beautiful one...

Once Upon A Time
There lived a beautiful princess in a land not of gold or silver
but a land where everything turned pink after her wicked stepmother cursed her to never see
another color ever again for the rest of her life.
The princess was so kind to all the animals that lived on this land with her that they decided
to give her a very special gift for her birthday.
The gift was a beautiful rainbow that would appear everywhere the princess would go.
The rainbow was the window that allowed her to get a glimpse of other colors like
reds and yellows and oranges and greens...

There's really a rainbow to be found in Cica's new land.
When I first arrived there, for a good while I didn't see it at all. Hopefully, you will because it truly
adds beautiful, colorful magic to the land. Maybe I should ask Luciano Viana (v127976) to pay the
princess a visit so he can add a splash of another color to her world with his orange shorts. :P

Personally, I love how completely pink this sim was created and reminds me very much of another
great creation by Cica Ghost back in October 2012 where everything was just black and white.

This is all for now, and for my beautiful ladies, please don't forget to have your boobies
checked. I get a mammogram every one or two years since I had my first scare at the age of 19.
Early detection saves lives!  Read HERE for mammogram information.

Thanks For Reading!
Much love,
Lori Novo

Credits On Me
TRUTH Bunny - Brunette ● :: PM :: Thumbelina Crown ● Dead Dollz - A Gown is Born - Berry