Double Trouble

Our Moments Together

Hello Beautiful World!
Isn't it every men's dream to have/be with two women?
While playing around with demo heads and skins...

Steppenwolf (steppen.crescendo): yu look like a Tahitian princess
Lori Novo: I'll be both Lori's
Lori Novo: so it's like u have 2 women
Steppenwolf (steppen.crescendo): lol
Steppenwolf (steppen.crescendo): mmm double trouble!
Lori Novo: lol
Lori Novo: double the drama, mhm :P
Not sure if my Steppenwolf liked the idea that much. ;)
February 20

My Mother Land

Hello Beautiful World!
It was the year 2010 when I first came to Second Life. A very naive, common, and simple girl that
had no idea what she was getting herself into. Immediately upon arrival, I was teleported to beautiful
India, to a magical place called Zaara (General) by my good friend Catero Revolution.

Catero & Lori 2010

There and for days to come this place became my home where Catero very patiently taught me
everything I would need to know to survive this virtual life. I was taught how to walk straight
and not to bump or walk into walls. How to sit and move around and how to even change my clothes.
Once he felt I had learned the essentials and I felt confident, I was ready to venture out. Still, Zaara
became my home, my mother home as I like to call it since it was in this beautiful place that I gave
my first Second Life steps. By the way, I would say that while Zaara is my motherland, Tempura Island
has to be my fatherland.

Zaara has changed but still, I can see memorable parts of the beautiful place it used to be years ago.
Don't get me wrong, Zaara was and will always be as beautiful as my eyes first saw it years ago. 
Before it was huge and now it has shrunken to a smaller and cozier place. Beautiful and inviting.

A flower, by nature, is fragrant...
whether it's in a temple or a shrine,
at a brothel or a funeral
spread your fragrance!

The above quote is from this great movie I saw yesterday on Netflix.

"A story of strength, inspiration, and resilience. 
This year, we celebrate the journey of a girl who not only rose to power but reigned supreme."

I totally recommend you watch this beautiful movie if you haven't yet.

If you are wondering about my location it is no other than my Second Life motherland  Zaara (General).
I chose to wear one of my beautiful Jodha Lehenga gowns by extraordinaire designer Zaara Kohime.

By the way, I kind of believe in reincarnation, so with that said, I strongly believe that in a
past life I was born in some place in India, please don't ask me why. I wouldn't know how to
answer that. I can only say that when it comes to India (pictures, stories, people, fashion, etc.)
everything somehow feels familiar. And the music just makes me feel at home.

मेरे खूबसूरत लोगों को प्यार और शांति!
(mere khoobasoorat logon ko pyaar aur shaanti!)
Love and peace to my beautiful people!
Much Love,
Lori Novo

Model & Photographer: Lori Novo

He Loves My Kitty

Hello Beautiful World!
You have no idea how please I feel knowing how much my Steppenwolf loves my kitty.
He can keep himself entertained for hours playing with him and giving him love.

He'll get on his knees every time my kitty wants attention.
"Oh my, what a big kitty you are!"

In the beginning, he seemed not to like him so much.
I almost had to beg him to pay some attention to him...

"Baby, look, my kitty likes you, please pat him."
"No thanks, he probably stinks."

I would feel hurt so I would have to pat my kitty myself so he wouldn't feel the rejection.
Soon after my kitty would be purrrrrrring happily. Who needs a man when you have me 
my beautiful kitty. Now, Steppenwolf can't keep his hands off him.
I can happily say now that my Steppenwolf and Mr. Beast are best friends! ;)

Who's Mr. Beast?
You silly things, Mr. Beast is my kitty.
Wait... what?
What were you all thinking I was talking about?

Anyways :P
Mr. Beast (KittyCatS) is my most valuable inventory possession, and by this, I am referring to
the sentimental value. It was a birthday gift given to me by Nino Heartsdale, owner and designer
of Heartsdale Jewellery back in 2016. I love Mr. Beast almost as if it was a real pet, I often forget
that it really has no feelings and it is just a virtual animal. I know, I am crazy that way, what can I say.
If I was to lose my inventory one day, the only thing I would be totally heartbroken about would be to
lose Mr. Beast. Everything else could be replaced but not my precious cat.

Mr. Beast keeps me company and entertained while I am in Second Life.
I don't feel so lonely having him around. The interactions he has with me feel so real that are very
similar to how my real pets behave according to different situations.

Now, I truly believe that Mr. Beast loves my Steppenwolf the best, I am so jealous. :(
If we both get home at the same time, Mr. Beast will run to Steppenwolf and get on his feet,
begging for attention. I seriously feel left out. >:(

When Nino Heartsdale gave me that special gift many years ago, she had no idea how special it would
become for me through the years to the point that I seriously consider it the best gift I have ever
received in all my Second Life journey by anyone, including my Steppenwolf, sorry baby!
This was and is the gift that keeps giving through the years...
love, laughter, and companionship.

Thank you Nino for the bestest gift ever!
You are always in my most beautiful memories of the most special and wonderful people
I have ever met.

And by the way, my kitty doesn't stink. :P
Adios and love y'all!
Lori Novo

Another Day Longer

Want to make your man mad and ruin the night?
I meant...
Want to make your man feel special for the night?

It is easy, here is how!
Surprise him with a shopping spree for new outfits that YOU would like to see him in
but that he will have to pay for himself!
Baby, you know how we had planned to go dancing tonight?
Well... why don't we instead go shopping at like 10 different stores 
for new clothes for you. 
Yes my baby, for you, it is your turn to get pampered because you are
so gorgeous and loving and wonderful and special.
It's ok baby, I am so tired and I am really looking forward to going dancing tonight 
after a long and hard day at work. I just want to relax in your arms dancing with my 
beautiful wife.
Aww baby, I really want to do this for you. I know you are tired, 
but we will have fun baby I promise.
I'll show you what I like, then you can get it, yes? (winks, winks).
Ok, I want my baby to be happy, TP me please.
YAY! don't forget your wallet my love.
Back at home.
After two hours later,
10 department stores and 7K Lindens spent.
An hour of silence as he is struggling with his alpha and fitting all his new clothes.
Baby, you there?
Grrrrrrr, #%&#$@@%%&*@#@$%

See how easy that was?
It requires just the next few simple steps to get this result.

                      1. Change your night plans at the last minute.
                      2. Do this on a night when he is the most stressed from a hard day at work.
                      3. Select items that YOU like and don't take into consideration if he likes them or not.
                      4. TP him ONLY to the stores where they sell clothes for both men and women
                          that way you can sneak a few things for yourself here and there when it is time to pay
                          at the checkout.
                     5. Make him pay.
                     6. Once home, ask him to try for you every single item he got 
                         even though he is already super stressed, sleepy, and tired and all he wants to do
                         is to go to bed to rest since the next day he needs to get up early for work.
                     7. Keep after him for not fixing his alpha right as he tries the new clothes.

OMG, just kidding! I am just joking omg. :P
My Steppenwolf hates going shopping for himself just like many other men do.
He also hates having too many different outfits and changing because he has a hard time
dealing with BOM and alphas. He just hates it. Still, from time to time he'll surprise me
when he wears something new/different for me. I just melt every time. ;)
OMG, he is so gorgeous, I can't stand it!

Model & Photographer: Lori Novo ● Giz Seorn - 'Jasmine' Dress

Here & Now

Our Moments Together

Steppenwolf (steppen.crescendo): love me baby
Steppenwolf (steppen.crescendo): just love me
Steppenwolf (steppen.crescendo): here and now
- April 15, 2022

Our Location - Winter Moon

Could You Be Messiah To Me?

For my Steppenwolf. Love you baby!

Hello Beautiful World!
I am dedicating this blog post to the love of my life, my husband, my best friend, my Steppenwolf.
because with each new day, my love for him keeps growing in such a beautiful way that makes my
heart feel like it's going to explode. I can't stand it baby! He's also been on my back for a while now,
encouraging me to return to my blogging and photography so today I decided to surprise him. ;)

Could You be healer
To a heart that’s been wounded
In a battle that’s never seen
Could You be teacher
To a mind of confusion
Tell me what does this all mean

Are You deliverer
Of a feeling imprisoned feeling in chains
Can You set my spirit free
And just one more question
Allow me this question
Could You be Messiah to me
Could You be Messiah to me

Could You be father
To a soul that’s been abandoned
By a world too busy to hear
Could You be friend
To a helpless survivor
Can You take away my fears

I heard them all sharing
This newfound conviction in them
Are You all that they make You to be
And just one more question
Allow me this question
Could You be Messiah
Please be Messiah to me

Now I’ve been looking for someone like You
And I’m so tired, I’m tired
I’ve read every book and I’ve sang every song
My mind maybe right but my heart feels so wrong
Tell me how much further can my life go along
Which way do the roads lead where do I belong…

Are You forgiver
Of my most unknown secrets
Provider of all that I need
Could You be brother
The one who knows better
Would You now stand in the lead

When all this is over all the thunder and lightning
In the daylight just what will I see
The answers to my questions to all of my questions
Could You be Messiah to me
Could You be Messiah
Please be Messiah to me

To me…

By the way, did you all know that Mrs. Poulet Koenkamp, owner and designer of 
PurpleMoon Creations had returned and opened a new shop back on December 1st, 2021?
I sure didn't. How come no one told me?  >:(
Luckily for me that I accidentally discovered this while fixing some of my older blog posts
and clicked her Flickr tab and there it was, beautiful new designs that were not there before.
OMG, what is this?
When did this happen?
Mrs. Poulet where are youuuu?
These were just a few of the questions I kept asking myself when I discovered the discovery :P
which is Mrs. Poulet and PurpleMoon are back! However, she has changed the name of her store
to PM.

Now I can't wait to send her a "What's up Mrs. Poulet?" and hope she still remembers who I am.

The beautiful gown that I am wearing for this post is one of her latest creations.
It is the Octavia Gown in pink.

Octavia is available in so many beautiful colors for 249L each or 2,241 for the FatPack.
For bodies Maitreya - Legacy - Kupra - Freya

There are also four great group gifts available ( 99L fee to join the group).
One of them is this beautiful gown and let me remind you all that Mrs. Poulet always
spoiled us with her amazing group gifts in the past, so I am looking forward to the upcoming
ones. ;)  There are also 5 Lucky Letter Chairs for all group members, changing every 12 minutes.

Got to go for now my beautiful people. Thank you so much for your constant love and support
and for not giving up on me. Even though I had stopped blogging, you continue to visit the blog
and the visit count still stands at a high point thanks to you (hugs you all tight) thank you!
Please take care and spread kindness to those around you.

Much Love
Lori Novo

Hair - TRUTH Halona - Brunette
*LODE* Head Accessory - Crocus [apple pink]
Bracelet - Moksha Set ~ Chop Zuey
Model & Photographer: Lori Novo

My PM Inventory ● Designer Poulet Koenkamp

We Were Beautiful Once

Exploring Second Life

It's me again. wait, what, two times in a week?
Am I really here or am I just an imagination?

Maybe I am just a dream, more like a nightmare. And speaking of nightmares, the other day
I came up with a little quote that was inspired by recent events, for reals :P

"If you thought I scared you before, 
just watch out because I can become your worst nightmare."

Yes, I wrote that, all by myself, what can I say, some people can be very inspiring.
But me, scary? Really?
I can't even hurt a fly, or can I? Of course I can!
If pushed enough, I can squash a whole elephant.

Now, let's kick bad, bad Lori out.
I'll be good, eventually. 

Today I really had an enjoyable time when I visited an old, Japanese-style garden.
Welcome, this is KIO Zen Garden (Moderate)

This is a beautiful, smaller sim to enjoy. While I was there not another single soul stopped by
which gave me that isolation from the world that I like to enjoy from time to time. 
It gave me a sense of mystery as I explored the grounds.

Shhhhh, it was quiet and peaceful.

Now, don't let the size of this beautiful sim fool you. There are absolutely many beautiful, breathtaking
spots to enjoy. And if you take the time and look carefully, you may be lucky to discover a cave 
underneath it all. It is great for photo taking and cuddling up to your loved one since I did find some 
lovers' poses/animations.

But stepping out of subject for a bit. Some days ago I was also inspired to write what I was hoping to
be lyrics to a song. I wish I could sing for you what I've got so far but my hands can no longer play
my guitar and I refuse to sing without the music. But here are the lyrics...

We Were Beautiful Once
March 16, 22

I keep pleading you are hurting me
but you won't stop.
On deaf ears, my pain falls
you don't recognize that your words
are destroying my soul deep, bleeding inside.

With each word, you keep pushing me to the edge.
Now I have fallen, nowhere to go but down.
But you see no-fault, and continue to strike
my fragile soul that lies broken at your feet.

We were beautiful once
just you and I against the world
we were strong together, we ruled our world.
Now I have died inside
and with me, I take our dreams and forevers.

Was it so hard to hear every time I said you were hurting me?
you always put the blame on me for what I was feeling.
Now I have fallen over the edge
and down
and deeper I go
No one can save me anymore.

You say you still love me, but I don't hear it, I don't feel it.
Once I felt above the world lifted up by your love.
Now your love fills my heart with tears 
and all the smiles have disappeared.
I am ready now to run and hide from you and the world.

We were beautiful once
just you and I against the world
we were strong together, we ruled our world.
Now I have died inside
and with me, I take our dreams and forevers.

We were beautiful once.

What do you think? Good, not good?

Now my beautiful people, go out and explore our beautiful Second Life.
Take care and keep being kind to each other.

Much Love,
Lori Novo

Credits On Me
TRUTH Teila Hair ● *Tentacio* hiriko hair pin white ● [MJN] Prohibition Liner
KUNGLERS - Isabel bracelets ● //Seishin// Sakura Kimono ● ISON - Charlotte Heels (Evening)

Bitter Sweet Symphony

Exploring Second Life

Well, I've never prayed but tonight I'm on my knees
I need to hear some sounds that recognize the pain in me
I let the melody shine, let it cleanse my mind, I feel free now
But the airwaves are clean and there's nobody singin' to me now
No change, I can change
I can change, I can change
But I'm here in my mold
I am here in my mold
And I'm a million different people
From one day to the next
I can't change my mold
No, no, no, no, no
(Have you ever been down?)
I can't change, oh, no
I can't change, oh...

Hello Beautiful World!
I know, you probably didn't expect to see me today, I was away simply recharging my soul.

“Dream Big. 
Expect Challenges To Pop Up Along the Way. 
Expect To Fall Many Times. 
Expect Your Mind To Doubt And Whisper, Give Up. 
In Those Moments, Recharge. Rethink. Replan The Best You Can. 
And Push Through." ― Wesam Fawzi

Courage and strength it's what it takes to bounce back from the negative things that happen to us in life.
And believe me, I have been bouncing from side to side so much these past three months that I am
seriously feeling DiZzyyyy. Amazingly for me, the more I bounce, the stronger I become and the more
it makes me want to be a better person. And as we all know, learning and self-improving never end in life.
That means we can actually keep becoming a better version of ourselves every single day. Isn't that wonderful? 

Today I had the pleasure of spending some time at this beautiful Italian sim where I had the pleasure 
of meeting two wonderful people.

Welcome, this is

Sim's Description:
Stroll through the wide, yellow rapeseed fields and discover the splendors of the Tuscan countryside 
and beaches. Places that look like they were drawn by hand: a vineyard, a cypress alley, an old town
inviting you to sit down and breathe the atmosphere!

This beautiful sim has so many great areas to relax and enjoy. It is also ideal for photographers
since rezzing of items is allowed as long as they are not too big and you make sure you pick them up
once you are done. Child avatars are also welcome to visit.

The rules placed by Camila, the sim owner, are very simple.
No sex or nudity. No violence or harrasment. No age play or music attachments or begging for Lindens.
Only the ground level is public and we are welcome to visit the furnished homes on the ground.
However, all upper levels are private and off-limits.

Now let me introduce the two people I had the pleasure of meeting there during my visit.
First, please meet Gibbs (gibblandon). I used one of the images I took of him to open this blog post
because it was my favorite one from all the pictures I took today. When I first saw him sitting there 
I seriously got chills. Everything my eyes were seeing felt so poetic and I just had to capture the
moment with my camera. 

After taking his picture, Gibbs and I chatted for a while. Gibbs is very friendly and approachable.
We chatted for a while about how beautiful the sim was and Lelutka heads. After awhile, we said our
goodbyes and I returned to my work.

The second person I met was Kitten Babcock (kitten.caboose).
First when I saw her praying, she too, was another beautiful moment I wanted to capture with my camera.

Lori Novo: Hola Kitten, I am sorry to disturb you, may I ask what yu are praying for?
Kitten Babcock (kitten.caboose): smiles... i'm praying for the people of Ukrain

Amen to that!

Kitten is a very talented Second Life photographer. Her work is truly amazing and honestly, what I
wouldn't give to be able to have half of her talent. Her type of photography is one that I wish I could do.
HERE you can check out her work.

We chatted for a while about environment settings and found a very beautiful quote in her profile...

"It's easier to desire and pursue the attention 
of tens of millions of total strangers 
than it is to accept the love and loyalty 
of the people closest to us. - William Gibson

I would like to thank these two beautiful people for allowing me to add them to my blog.
Thank you so much Kitten and  Gibbs, a HUGE hug for the both of you!

Please dear friends, don't forget to show some Linden love during your visit to this beautiful sim.
All donations, big or small will be greatly appreciated.

I leave you for now with no promises of when you'll be seeing me again.
It could be again tomorrow, or in a week, even a month. But one thing is for sure, no matter
the time, I always carry you all in my heart everyday and everytime I think of you, my beautiful readers,
you are a big reason to smile. Thanks for all the love and support. Take care.

Lori Novo

DOUX - Vanilla hairstyle .Enfant Terrible. Midsommer Dream Flowerband pastel RARE
*ScS* Eventide Eyeshadow Appliers ● :::ChicChica::: Ilana ring ● GAURY Leather Wrap Bracelet
Yasum *Trinny*Choc Top & Skirt ● *PerveTTe* Smile [Navel Piiercing] [Rose Gold] ● friday - Lennon Boots (Earth)

The Beautiful People ❖ Aislen Atheria

You don't have to see someone to know you love them, 
if that were the case how would blind people fall in love?

Hello Beautiful World!
The above quote was something I read in the profile of a beautiful lady while Steppenwolf and I 
were Tai-Chi'ing at Tempura Island the other night.

Please Meet
Aislen Atheria
"Happy, barefoot, and pregnant. My SL bliss. Partnered for 3 years. I'm treated very well 
and I want for nothing. Happiness is what we make it." -From her profile.

Pic Property of Aislen's Profile

It is not every day that we have the honor of meeting beautiful people while we are out
visiting a sim as you all know. It was truly great that Steppenwolf and I decided to go to Tempura
that night because it gave me the chance to meet Aislen. Immediately upon arrival
to the Tai Chi circle, she made everyone there feel her very friendly and positive attitude.
It was like a ray of sunshine upon us with her beautiful presence.

"F, USA remember in SL we are real. Real emotions, real people. 
Treat everyone with kindness and respect, or distance yourself from them. 
You don't have to see someone to know you love them, 
if that were the case how would blind people fall in love?"
-Taken from her profile, 2nd Life.

It had been a while since I had felt inspired to write one of my "The Beautiful People" posts. But
people like Aislen make it so easy. She reminded me of something that I had forgotten for a very
long time, and that is that there are many beautiful people out there waiting to be captured by my camera. 
Let me clarify that beautiful people to me don't necessarily mean just having pretty faces.
My beautiful people must be beautiful both, inside and out, however, the inside is what really catches my attention. 
Anyone can create a beautiful-looking avatar, but not everyone can bring that avatar to life with a beautiful soul, 
that to me is precious.

I tend to read profiles a lot by checking under PEOPLE + NEARBY so I don't get to see what they look
like at first. If I find something kind, caring, positive written, then I am interested in getting to know the
person more. With Aislen everything came so easy, a great profile and a beautiful attitude, 
and not to mention her incredibly gorgeous avatar.

"Be Yourself at Embraced
I love my human, sprite and now my minotaur. I love every aspect I can explore of myself 
on Second Life and yes, they are all me. Come enjoy my nature sim and come be who you are."

Pic Property of Aislen's Profile

Aislen has been partnered/married for three years to Mr. Kuva Nishi...

-From his profile.
"My other half, my number one priority, my sexy wife. Married on February 15, 2019, 
and I've been incredibly happy ever since. Starting each day with a smile, filling them with happiness,
and closing them with love, she brings endless joy and calming energy into my life. Her happiness is my
happiness, and she knows I'll do just about anything to keep it that way. 
Over a year and still going strong! I love you, my Aislen!

Truly a beautiful couple and beautiful love. They could very much perfectly fit in my Beautiful Loves
section with Q and Jeff.

Before I go I would like to thank Aislen for the lovely chat and the great honor of meeting her.
Has she inspired me to once again start looking for new, beautiful
people to beautify my blog? I believe so!
I leave you now with this beautiful song that she selected to share with us, Enjoy!