Bunny Obsession


Omg, I don't want to look, so you look and tell me what you see.
NOOO NOOO wait,  don't tell me... ok tell me... OMG NOOO, why did you tell me?
ARGGGGHH!! &#%@$&

Omg I really need to look... [Looking]
NOOO, why did I look, I am never looking again OMG! [Drops down to the floor crying]
Next Day
Ok, just one more time, and that is it! [Looking]
ARGGGGHH!! &#%@$& [Pulls Hair]
Why did I look again? I need to stop looking omg!!!
Next Day
Okay, this is the last time I'll look, for reals! [Looking]
ARGGGGHH!! &#%@$& NOOOOOO why did I look OMGGG.
I am never ever ever looking again. I am dying!!! [Runny mascara from all the crying]
Next Day

Sound familiar? Of course it does. That is when an ex has moved on but we are not just yet ready
to let go, and so the abandoned victim circumstances turn us into social media stalkers.
But don't feel bad because it's really not our fault, it is perfectly normal. :P [Wicked Laugh]
At the time, it really hurt, Ouch OUCH ouch [Kissing The Ouchy]. It's like pulling a bandaid
from burnt skin but with time the burn heals and then we can laugh about it and even find it comical.
"HAHAHA, funny how I kept looking, silly me. Mmm, should I look again? It's been 2 years already."
But really, why do we tend to torture ourselves that way wanting to know what is going on with
our ex, the new girl, and their families and pets. Does it really matter? I say not.
I say just move on and let it go. Yeah right, easier said than done! :P


Hello Beautiful Second Life!
Hope you are having an amazing day. As for me, I am enjoying the warm breeze and sunshine.
I am in a beautiful location as we speak, this is Making Memories (Moderate). I am watching the
flamingos watching me. We are watching each other to see who blinks first, one against twenty.
I got this one in the bag!

Please notice my beautiful back tattoo, it is the [VT] BUNNY BACK TATTOO that you can get now
for 1L$ in the Marketplace. It was beautifully created by tattoo designer Angelo (angelo.venus).
It is a must to get if you haven't yet. Angelo's tattoos are absolutely lovely and I noticed that he uses
the colors orange and red for many of them, like his personal signature. I have my eye on another one
of his tattoos because it reminds me of my kitty Ween [R.I.P.] HERE you can see it. 
With that said, Angelo's 1L$ bunny tattoo gave me the idea to start a new blog category called
MarketPlace Finds where I'll be featuring great items I find in the MP either freebies or at a very
low price. I want only the very best, high-quality for this new category. ;)

Time for me to run, late lunch calling, "COMINGGGGG!"
Everyone have a sweet day!
Much love,
Lori Novo

[Looking just one last time] &#%@$&&#%@$&&#%@$&&#%@$&&#%@$&&#%@$&!!!

Credits On Me
OPALE. Stesha Hair ● Flower from Fiji (VIP Group Gift) ~ Truth ● *AvaWay* LOVE Bracelets & Rings
Le Forme Bento Nails M03 Anycolor French Pack ● Glasses from (SM)_Bohemian Sun Maxi Dress Outfit
~Nerido~ Qtee Bikini

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