A Long Hair Day

Having A Long Hair Day

We are not weird. We're just limited edition =)
~ Lori Novo & Valkiria Fox ~


What can I say,

After my sister Valki and I found the coolest hair ever at this year's 
We couldn't resist showing it off to the world.

This is the 
Curio Obscura: For The Strange And Wonderful

"This MESH-based hairstyle is fully rigged and will move and bend naturally to follow your motion. The rigging is also designed to change depending on the size of your head, with a generous margin of error, so it should fit right away.
Includes all Twenty-Five Hair Colors in a Single Object! Simply Touch your hairstyle to select a new hair color!"

Best thing about this hair,

you can wear it in the nude ;)

Forever Yours,
~ Lori Novo ~

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