Pandasia Mystic

Hello Beautiful World!
Happy Easter to you all.
This is dedicated to my kitty, Cosette.
And to my children, Steppenwolf, and George, my other kitties, and to my mother. 

Last night while checking my blog's drafts I came upon these pictures that I took a while back.
It was during a time when I was seriously considering becoming more of an explorer blogger
rather than a fashion one. I still many times wish I could do this but my computer is old
and more than enjoying my visits to beautiful sims, it mostly becomes a frustrating experience
with the lag and all.

Description: Mystic with a Zen atmosphere for nature lovers, relaxing and taking photos
or taking a boat trip. The sim is fully open including the beachside house. Good visit!

This is a beautiful sim and home to the many pandas that you will find roaming around.
I decided to use my own Windlight Setting to give it a soft and magical atmosphere for
my experience. 


I began my journey by taking a canoe ride. What a beautiful peaceful feeling!
And while our canoe continues on the clear waters under the warm rays of sunshine,
allow me to share what is happening at this very moment
outside my window as I write these lines for you...

I hear the birds singing and their singing sound so joyous that it feels my heart with gladness.
I hear children laughing just across from my home in the park. It is Sunday Easter, a special 
day, a day of resurrection. 

What does this mean?
For me, it means that there is always life, hope, and new beginnings after the storm...

In the spring
let me rise higher and higher.
For my troubles won't last a lifetime.
Let me reach the clouds.
Where I will sit and feel the calmness
and be thankful for all I got.

And I will be set free
from all that has imprisoned me...

I remember my mother, I remember her beautiful smile.
I remember her laughter and the brightness in her eyes.
She loved Easter, but then again, she loved every holiday.

I remember when my children were small.
I remember their little laughter as they searched for hidden Easter eggs full of colorful confetti.
"Look mommy, I found one!"
or the treasures that were hidden in some of them, 
maybe a chocolate candy, or a silver coin.
Maybe a little note that said...
"Mommy loves you with all her heart."

And as our music continues to play
I continue to hear outside the birds, the wind, and the children's laughter
What a beautiful symphony of life!

It is life's beautiful way of telling us.
Cry if you must, but believe that the sun will continue to shine
And the birds will sing for you,
And the ocean waves will never
cease to visit you at the seashore, every day, every day.

That life is beautiful and that we are blessed with so many gifts.
The love and the kindness from the people in our lives.
That we are not alone.
There is always someone there to hold our hand
to help us up when you have fallen down.
And there is always loving eyes up in heaven
looking down at you and me.
So we are never alone.

And with this dear friends, I say goodbye for now.
May your day continues to be precious...
Now, go outside and make those memories
that will last a lifetime.

Much love,
Lori Novo
More Pics From my Visit

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