The Clay Doll

Hello Beautiful World!
Please allow me to share with you a little story my mother once told me about her childhood.
It was during the holidays and I believe she said she was around the age of nine or ten,
can't really remember. Anyways, it was on a Christmas morning that one of her aunts arrived
bringing gifts for my mother and her three siblings. 

First, you should know that my mother had a very hard childhood where they lacked everything, 
even a meal to eat on most days. She used to tell me, that her mother, my grandma, 
used to work from dusk till dawn every day making corn tortillas for the people where they lived. 
But my grandma was such a righteous woman that she wouldn't dare take a single tortilla 
to give to them. She considered that stealing so instead, she would send them out to relatives
that lived nearby during meal times in hopes that they would get to eat something for the day. 
My mother said that thankfully, there was always a kind aunt or neighbor or even a stranger 
that was aware of their situation and would give them a plate of food
However, this meant that my poor grandma many times would go without eating for whole days.
My mother's father had left one day when my mother's youngest sister was just a few months old.
He had abandoned my grandma and their four small children in complete poverty one day to
chase the American dream, actually chasing after a woman that had been
visiting their small town back in Mexico. He later married the woman and became a wealthy man
that own a lot of land and many properties in the state of Texas.

But going back to my story...
My mother said that when they saw their aunt coming they were so excited to see that
she was carrying four beautifully wrapped up gifts. They weren't getting any gifts at all since
their father had left them so these gifts would be the first in years. All four children lined up in front
of the aunt to receive their gift and when it was my mother's turn her aunt whispered to her...
"Now, when you open your gift, make sure you don't break it or get it wet."
So my mother opens her gift and finds a doll wearing a pretty yellow dress.
She said that the doll was so beautiful that she fell in love with it immediately, 
but then she remembered her aunt's words "don't GET IT WET" ... and guess what she did?
She got it wet! She was curious to see what would happen if she would sink the doll in
a bucket of water and so the poor doll started "dying" before my mother's eyes.
The doll was made of some kind of clay or something that when she submerged it into the water,
it just started dissolving. My mother pulled the doll out of the water as fast as she could, 
but it was already too late. So my poor mother went another Christmas without a gift.

My mother used to laugh when she would tell this story, she couldn't believe that she did
exactly what they had told her not to do, she thought it was so funny now, but of course, at the time
it was a total tragedy.

I really loved sharing this story about my mother's childhood with you. I find that writing
about her helps me cope with the sadness of not having her with me anymore. This is my
way of keeping her alive in my heart. Hope you enjoyed and thank you for all your kind support.

With all my love,
Lori Novo


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