Which Way The Wind Blows?


The sky got dark and so did the day.
Then the rain came down harsh and strong,
pouring like a cascade.
The grass and flowers seemed to be drowning away.
The wind picked up, bullying the trees,
branches kept falling, sad broken limbs.
Thunder and lightning filled the sky. 
It sounded like a Fourth of July,
had gone wrong.

They say don't be afraid. 
Even the birds will be singing again 
once the storm passes away.
I smiled and thought, what a thing to say.
Don't you hear them, they continue to sing in the thunderous rain.

Then the sun started shining, and the blue sky appeared.
The birds shook their feathers and continued to sing,
and that is why those little beings, are heroes to me.
-Lori Novo

Song Lyrics

"Follow, follow the sun
And which way the wind blows
When this day is done

Breath, breath in the air
Set your intentions
Dream with care

Tomorrow is a new day for everyone..."

Oh God! I am not going to lie. I am super sad. My Steppenwolf left today on a long vacation
to Europe with his brother. They will also be sailing on a ship around the top of England
and Ireland. Sounds so exciting, I know. ;)  Hope I got that right. :P I am already missing him so much
but he made me promise that I would stay happy.

Steppenwolf (steppen.crescendo): love yu my spanish Princess
Lori Novo: muahhhhh
Steppenwolf (steppen.crescendo): dont be sad baby
Lori Novo: I am sad baby and I am gonna miss you so much
Lori Novo: but I understand baby that this vacation is very special for the both of you
Steppenwolf (steppen.crescendo): muazzz
Lori Novo: I want you to have fun with ur brother
Lori Novo: and stay safe
Steppenwolf (steppen.crescendo): baby promise me you will be happy
Steppenwolf (steppen.crescendo): and not be down...

And so I must stay happy, especially happy that my Steppenwolf has this wonderful chance
to create very beautiful memories with his brother. Just thinking of the fun they will be
having together makes me smile. Love you baby!

By the way, my beautiful location is Sea Breeze Garden (Moderate)

Sim Description
Welcome to a tranquil destination where blue flower fields blend with the ocean. Discover secluded
romantic spots while strolling along shores, through lush pastures, apple tree hills, and enjoy blissful
picnics on the way up to the grand viewpoint

Credits On Me
WINGS-HAIR-EF0208 ● *PKC* LeL EVO X Vanity Earrings ● [VOZ] Crazy Butterfly Bento Rings (Gold)
(fd) Textured Boho Top - WHITE @ Current Collabor88 ● (fd) Textured Boho Shorts - WHITE @ Current Collabor88
ISON - Charlotte (Evening) Heels ● WLS: Coastal Afternoon

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