Two Forevers and an Eternity

Oh, my love,
Where or how do I begin to describe how much I love you
when I can't even find the words that can come close to describing how I feel for you.
With each passing day, my love for you multiplies by a thousand times.
The love I have for you is so immense that sometimes I can't stand it.
I feel it overflowing in my heart and sometimes it brings tears to my eyes.
Yes, the love I feel for you is so beautiful that many times during my day,
I have to stop to wipe away a happy tear when I think of you and I can't stop smiling.
I blush baby... I do,
and I catch myself giggling like a teenager when I remember our moments together.

You are the greatest my love, the most loving man I have ever met in my life.
You are a true gentleman and I have so much respect and admiration for you.
And as I said many times before, I wish I had met you long before so I could have loved you longer,
but you are here now, with me, forever baby and you will be the last man that I will ever love.
All the heartbeats in my days whisper that I love you, and my last breath of life will be for you
and my children

Forever is no longer enough for me baby,
Give me at least two forevers and, an eternity to be yours and you mine, will you?
But then again, I know your answer already. ;)

Lori Novo

Hello Beautiful World!
Today I dedicate this post to the greatest man I know, my Steppenwolf,
Keep safe my beautiful people
Los Amo
Lori Novo

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