RANY: Purity Cape

 “Yet there are moments when the walls of the mind grow thin; 
when nothing is unabsorbed, 
and I could fancy that we might blow so vast a bubble 
that the sun might set and rise in it 
and we might take the blue of midday
 and the black of midnight 
and be cast off 
and escape from here and now.” 
― Virginia Woolf

♥ Gown ~ Purity Cape Gown ~ Rany
♥ Skin ~ Sarah Skin * Cotton Tone [Catwa appliers] ~ L'Etre Skin Shop
♥ Lips ~ Sarah #3 [Catwa appliers] ~ L'Etre Skin Shop
 ♥ Eyeliner ~ for CATWA ~ teapi
♥ Beauty Marks ~ Customizable beauty marks A [mesh] V1.1 ~ {&why}
♥ Eyes ~ Charm Eyes * Clarity Mesh ~ Ikon 
Hair ~ Vicky ~ Truth Hair
♥ Earrings ~ part of "Gaia Bride Outfit" ~ Jumo
♥ Jewelry ~ Sherllyn Diamond Set ~ Jumo
♥ Pose ~ Couture 3 ~ Image Essentials
Model & Photographer ~ Lori Novo


Goodnight beautiful world, dream sweet!
Mucho love,
Lori Novo

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