Sunday, April 19, 2015

Claim Me


"Claim Me."
she said,
me into your
Loving Control."

~ Christina Aguilera ~




L$99 During Event / Available in Three Colors
This item includes :
Shirt layer / bra - copy
Jacket & pants layer / panties - copy
Stockings / stockings layer - copy
Mesh caps for The Mesh Project body designed for Ouch! feet only. 
This item is rigged and can't be repositioned. ( copy )
Included appliers for:
Slink Physique
The Mesh Project ( on tattoo layer only! )

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Hair ~ Librarian Chic ~ Exile
Hat ~ Floral napoleon ~ LaGyo
Jewelry ~  Paparazzi III Red Set ~ Chop Zuey
Fan ~ Dragon Age Hand Fan * Mystic Tree ~ Le Forme
*** Vestige Pose ~ Cassiopeia Set 1 * # 1 ~ Available at Current EVA (Eden Of Current Arts Room) Round Ends April 26
Eyes ~ Clarity * Medium ~ IKON
*** Tear ~ NXS Tattoos
Lashes ~ (No Longer Available) ~ Natural Beauty
*** Slink  Hands & Feet
*** Shape ~ Lori Novo ~ by Catero
Model & Photographer ~ Lori Novo


Glamorous and Discrete Valkiria Fox

Hello Dear Readers!

As you may know, my sweet Sister Lori and I are not posting as before due to RL issues. One of the
posts that I liked the most to do was the Fifty Five Thursdays. But the problem is that I cannot make
it in one day anymore. So from now on, when I do it, I will have the care to choose designers that let
the sale on for more days than just on the announced Thursday. My choice for this week was a
beautiful dress from Merivale (that always makes the sale to last a whole week, until the next
Thursday sale) and a bracelet from Zuri (that also usually leaves the sales more than only on
Thursday). I hope you enjoy it ^_^

Many kisses :*****

After Roses, Hydrangeas are my favorite flowers. They can be pink, violet or blue, and in some
cases a mix of these colors. In addition to its beauty, it has no smell, what can be very nice in some
moments. They are antagonistic flowers: always glamorous and discrete, despite of Madonna's hate
for them, hehehehe...

-skin: Skye II: Pearl 01 D - Glam Affair 
-hair: the Cupcake and Delilha Merry Glitter HUD FLF Edition-d - Olive 
-hair crown: Hortensia Crown [mix II] RARE - LODE 
-eyes: Dolly Eye_Blue3_w1 - MUDSKIN 
-makeup: Winters Song Full Set - Madrid Solo (old group gift)
-right hand bracelet: Bracelets (3 colors ) Box (Not Available Anymore)-Creator: Lio (lionellia)
-dress: Marteen - Merivale

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Pink Bubblegum


"Imperfection is beauty,
madness is genuine
and it's better to be absolutely
than absolutely boring."
- Marilyn Monroe 

~ Marina & The Diamonds ~

Wearing NEW RELEASE From



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*** Skin ~ Isla * Apricot 01 ~ Sugarush Skins
Hair ~ Paulina ~ Damselfly
Necklace ~ Heart & Soul ~ Chop Zuey
*** Bubblegum ~ Yum Bubblegum! ~ Pink Fuel
Eyes ~ Clarity * Medium ~ IKON
*** Tear ~ NXS Tattoos
Lashes ~ (No Longer Available) ~ Natural Beauty
*** Slink  Hands & Feet
*** Shape ~ Lori Novo ~ by Catero
*** Eternal Dream Poses ~ from Baggies Set (Set 1 - Set 2)  ~ Available at Current Cosmopolitan Room ( April 13-28)
Model & Photographer ~ Lori Novo


Spring Tenderness


"Life is unpredictable,
It changes with the seasons,
Even your coldest winter,
Happens for the best of reasons,
And though it feels eternal,
Like all you'll ever do is freeze,
I promise spring is coming,
And with it, brand new leaves."

~ Susie Suh ~

(April 13 - April 26)
Over 150 quality items, Limited Offers & Exclusives!
New Guest Designers and new Group Gifts!

by [Fawny]
Guest Designer / 9 Colors Available / Save With FatPack
by [Poute]
Slink High / 6 Colors Available / FatPack Available
Cosmo Exclusive / Men * Women
Guest Designer/ Cosmopolitan Exclusive 20% Off / 9 Poses / 2LI
by [Toiz]
Guest Designer / Items Sold Separately/ Save With FatPack
Cosmo Exclusive / Original Mesh Home Decor

View New Round HERE
Or join the SUBSCRIBER (outside by the door) to stay informed! No group slot needed!

Eyes ~ Clarity * Medium ~ IKON
*** Tear ~ NXS Tattoos
Lashes ~ (No Longer Available) ~ Natural Beauty
*** Slink  Hands & Feet
*** Shape ~ Lori Novo ~ by Catero
Model & Photographer ~ Lori Novo


Thursday, April 16, 2015

Lagrima (Tear)


can make you 
many people can make you CRY
but it takes someone really special 
to make you 
smile with tears in your eyes."

Thank you baby
for everything and more... much more!
- Lori Novo

~ Dulce Pontes ~

in Onyx Gown

an Exclusive Prerelease at
Black Fashion Fair 2015
(April 17 - May 1)

Skin ~ Enya * Tan ~ WoW Skins   Hair ~ Blown Away ~ Exile   Location Leka (Moderate)

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Forget Princesses, I Want To Be A Vampire


Hello dear readers,

The day I took this picture I told one of my friends that I had received a beautiful "black" bridal gown
from one of my favorite Second Life designers which is one of my sponsors and had used it to create a vampire look. 
He asked me if I was allowed by designer to do that, meaning if I had the freedom to decide how I would be presenting it. 
And my answer was yes. designer Mami Jewell from Azul has always complimented my work, 
even when I go way off on presenting her beautiful designs. 

At first my idea was to create a black bride shot, you know, something like coming out from a church 
and caring a bouquet of black roses in one hand and a bleeding heart in the other but then I couldn't find 
a realistic looking heart to hold anywhere so I had to think of something else.

~ Natalie Merchant ~

"A Vampire!"
I am fascinated by vampires anyways so why not. 
So I armed myself with bloody sharp vampire fangs, red eyes and the dark makeup, that unfortunately 
you can't really see in my picture and off I went in search of a victim, I mean a photo location ;) 

This is
Black Mesh Bridal Gown
by Mami Jewell

Pre-release for Ferosh Fashion Weekend : April 10-13
-AZUL Bridals- Regina /Onyx
at -AZUL- Main store


"You Will Never Grow Old And You Will Never Die."
- Interview With A Vampire

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Sweet Hunts ... Broke But Beautiful by Valkiria Fox


Hello Dear Readers!

This Broke But Beautiful post will be mostly about hunts.
I tried to make it the less expansive as possible, but some hunts ask L$1 for each of their gifts,
so could not make it completely for free. But I tried my best. In this post I worked with 3 nice hunts.

One of them is the Cherry Cake Hunt, that goes until the 20th of April and is a L$ 1 hunt
(even though some stores will ask you nothing for the prizes). The other is The Eggshell Hunt
that goes until the 19th of April and is a free hunt. And finally the other is the Magic of Oz Holi Hunt 2015
that goes until the 16th of April and is a free hunt. This last hunt is very particular by itself. 
Not the same old thing of arriving at the store and looking for prize. But in this one you 
have to take a plate at the landmark, dress the plate (it will show on your head) and then to walk 
all around the Magic of Oz land, taking all small pots of gold that you see in your way.
When you see any, you have to right click and choose "touch" until you can see the pot to disappear 
and to show on the plate on your head. After collecting 6 pots, a window will show to you, asking you which store 
you will pick. So you pick one and then you will receive a pot of gold. You should dress this pot of gold 
and go to the store that you chose located at the Magic of Oz land. You should arrive the more 
near as possible to an amount of gold pots that you will find inside the store. Than you should click 
in your own pot of gold that you are wearing and it will give you the prize. To get other prizes 
the system is the same: collect 6 pots of gold, receive one that you should wear, and they touch on it 
on the store of your preference to receive the prize, until you have all the prizes that you wish. 
For better explanations and see the prizes, please look at the:
My choice of these tree hunts was about the high quality of their items with low price or even free. I wish you enjoy ^_^
Hope you all have nice hunts!

Kisses :********

-skin: Judi Spring porcelaine Black - Swallow (L$1 gift)
-eyes: Spotted Eyes - Tropic - large bright - Poetic Colors (FREE GIFT)
-hair: Cherry hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^]  (Cherry Cake Hunt Gift)
-eyelashes: Lashes B-free FREE FROM ALADY ISLAND (not available anymore)
-necklace: Frilly Juicy Melon Choker {Hot.Pink} RS - Epic (Cherry Cake Hunt Gift)
-earrings: Macaroon Earrings - POMPOSITY (Cherry Cake Hunt Gift)
-bracelet: Sugar High Charm Bracelet Gold - Gachapon! (Cherry Cake Hunt Gift)
-shoes and socks: Zeva Pink - Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes (The Eggshell Hunt Gift)
-dress: (multi/average) Holi Dress - *katat0nik* (Magic of Oz Holi Hunt Gift)
-cake and poses: Cherry Cake (6 Poses) - HANAU (Cherry Cake Hunt Gift)

Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Silence

Do you hear that?
That is the sound of silence...
dead silence.

You know,
not the kind of silence that can bring peace to the soul,
but the wicked kind that sends chills of uneasiness...
and fear through your whole body
reaching the deepest part of your being.

Then I noticed the darkness
covering every inch of my living space
like a widows black veil
prohibiting any chance of light-life to come in.

Thunder in the distance interrupts this silence
and I am no longer sure what is more terrifying to me now,
Is it the silence that was tormenting my ears,
or the roaring scream of an angry sky?

The darkness becomes thicker,
And the combining rhythm 
of the silence with the roaring sky becomes
more intense,
Playing games with my sanity
and enjoying their bullying
with my fragile emotions
 my fear starts to grow rapidly.

I rush to open the curtains
only to find that the outside
is as dark and lonely as the inside.

Where's everyone?
Where are my children's voices calling out to me?
Where's my mother laughter that I loved to hear so much?
Where is the singing of the birds?
Where has life gone?
Am I the only one left in the world?

Or is this how it feels to be dead in a hell of loneliness?

I am afraid for the first time in my life
 of this solitude I am feeling.
The house feels bigger and colder
as I go room by room
opening doors
in search of something...
but I don't know what I am really looking for.

Where are my children...
Where is my mother....
Where are all those happy moments
that gave this house life?
Why am I afraid every time I open each door?
Is it because I know what I will find inside...
And "nothing" is something so cruel and terrifying to find.

As a sense of defeat overwhelms me,
my steps start to feel heavier and heavier.
It is as if I am dragging bricks tied up to my ankles
and walking against the waves of a monstrous ocean.

I no longer have the strength to fight
and I surrender!

Carelessly, I drop my weak body to the floor
making a loud "plop" sound that echoes through the house
as I hit the floor hard.
I lay there by the window for what seems an eternity
allowing the fear of the darkness and loneliness to consume me completely.

Chirp... chirp....
I hear a singing bird in the distance.

It is the sound of
that has come to let me know that this cannot be the end.
I sit up
and wipe the tears off from my face as I look up to the dark sky outside,
and a sense of strength and hope once again starts to grow inside me.
And I then realize it could only be
that has come to sit with me and hold me while the storm passes.

And I say...
"Thank you God!"

- Lori Novo

Dear readers, this is something I wrote yesterday but wasn't sure if it was appropriate for this blog.
However, I decided to share it with you after my son and a friend of mine encouraged me to do so.
It is a moment I experienced yesterday during a thunderstorm.
Writing down my feelings and fears,
my joys and dreams is what I love to do, but rarely do I get the courage to make it public.
I usually keep this type of writings in my private blog.

"This is my favorite one from all your writings mom!"
This is what my son said to me after reading it.
My son is my biggest fan and he's always high- five(ing) me when he reads my writings
and sees my Second Life photography. He loves writing just as much as I do or even more.
His plans for the future are to become a screen writer /director . In fact,
he has already written a short story when he was still in the 5th grade
and now he is writing his first screen play at age 17. He makes me so proud.

Besos Everyone!