Beautiful & Interesting People ◆ FluteBarbarian

Stop staring ladies, he's married!

Oh my, do you see what I am seeing? It's so big... and red. 
I wonder if it comes in brown... brown would be nice...
I like how it sways as he moves... Hold on let me ask him...
Hey Flutebarbarian, where did you get your hair from?

What did you all think I was talking about, hmmm? :P

Anyways, I Kept bumping into Flute with his big.... hmmm, hair 
almost at every store I went to for the Saturday Sales today. It was hard not to noticed his big "hair"
among the crowd of people. I wasn't the only one noticing to be honest.

FluteBarbarian: hi
FluteBarbarian: can u stop lookin at my friend's penis
Girl One: bit hard to miss
FluteBarbarian: pls don't look at mine either
FluteBarbarian: IT'S RUDE
FluteBarbarian: TAKE A PICTURE IT WILL LAST LONGER!!!!!!!!!!
Girl One: go beep yourself or better still go beep your friend
FluteBarbarian: wow, you really have a penis staring problem don't u

Oh yes, I forgot to mention Flute was with a friend but I only noticed Flute at the time
maybe because he was the one in red and you know how much I love red.
Sorry Flute's friend :(

When I saw him honestly I couldn't stop laughing, unfortunately not everyone found this enormous
and big man amusing like I did, hmmm, maybe there is there something wrong with me?
Naw, I am fine... right?

FluteBarbarian: can you not?????
Girl Two: Not sure what you mean
FluteBarbarian: can you stop looking at my penis please, i am married
Girl Two: Don't troll me I am here to shop
FluteBarbarian: THANK YOU
Girl Two: How about you get out of my face
FluteBarbarian: im going to have to tell my wife... she isnt going to like this...
FluteBarbarian: u have been warned

See what I mean? Poor Flute had to keep fighting left and right from all these girls that wouldn't
stop staring at his jewels.

FluteBarbarian: hi can you stop staring at my penis its rude..
Girl Three: Umm
Girl Three: I cant even see you cause im on "Show Friends Only"
FluteBarbarian: well then turn it off of show penises only because i know ur lookin
Girl Three: 'kay, yeah, bye
FluteBarbarian: please i am married, i dont want to have to tell them
Girl Three: Congrats, you just earned a block

Some women wouldn't even take a "no" for an answer...

FluteBarbarian: hi
FluteBarbarian: i am married
FluteBarbarian: pls stop lookin at my penis
Girl Four: loooool you look so ugly I never looked at you I only wanted save bro save ur stupid words  OK  byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee fuc*ing asshole
Girl Four: LMAO

Seabrook, South Carolina

The story of our lives by Allison Hamilton Calhoun.
"To my love Noah,
read this to me and I'll come back to you."

Hello beautiful world!
For those of you that don't know it, the above quote is from one of my favorites movies,
The Notebook (2004) romantic drama film starring Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams 
based on the 1996 novel by Nicholas Sparks.

The other day I came upon Aspen Fell, The Notebook (Moderate) and I am not really sure how 
or why I accidentally ended up teleporting to this sim, but I am so glad I did. 
Maybe it was destiny or fate that took me there since I am a big romantic and I love the movie. 
This beautiful sim is a recreation of the town Seabrook back in 1940 
where Noah's and Allie's love took place.

Now, if you haven't watched this beautiful movie yet, I highly recommend it,
it is absolutely one of my favorite love stories together with Love in the Times of Cholera.
I was shocked to know that Steppenwolf has not watched the film yet.

Yeah, I know, kicking his butt, however, he has promised me he will watch The Notebook 
tomorrow but I don't know, he had promised me before he would watch Love in the Times of
Cholera like two years ago and still nothing.... hmmm >:( Promises, Promises!

Anyways, I had him accompanied me to this beautiful sim to see if he gets inspired to watch 
the movies with me tomorrow, we'll see.

He was for sure inspired to take some pics of us during our visit.
The above are my three favorite ones from the bunch he took. We talked about so many things
in the back of that rusty truck,  like how August is such a special month for the both of us. This month we
celebrate his birthday in real life, we also celebrate our partnership/marriage in SL and finally
my rezz day. We ended the night listening to Hillsong United songs on the back of the truck while holding 
each other and looking at the stars. What a beautiful way to end the day!

But returning to this sim, I will continue by sharing with you the information that you will find in the NoteCard
that you will receive as soon as you land there. Please my beautifuls, don't forget to show some Linden love 
during your visit, remember that any donations, big or small are always so much appreciated. 
This helps our wonderful sim owners/designers keep these beautiful locations stay open for all of us to enjoy.

When I look into your eyes...

November Rain
~ Sandi Thom ~

Still, inspirational butterfly wings, tickling inside.

Hello beautiful world!
May you have a wonderful weekend ahead of you.
So I was laughing at myself just a while ago because, yes, I do find myself funny sometimes...
ok, maybe more than sometimes. I was thinking, am I actually starting to blog again?
No, No! no way. The idea was to take a long break from my photography and blog and
returning next year on January 1st to start with a "BANG!", but I just can't, at least not on
my photography. So then I thought that I might as well add the pictures I take to the blog and
simply add a quote and a song or both, right?! Something simple you know, but then I thought,
again, I might as well add quick credits just in case someone wants to know what I am wearing,
right?. So what I end up having now looks very much like I am blogging again :P


So just for my sake let's pretend this doesn't look at all like before. These are not ReAl blog posts,  ok? ;) 
Anyways, life is about doing what we like, when we feel like it and for now, 
I feel like doing my photography, sometimes and adding the pics to the blog, sometimes.
Because sometimes I am a nut, so indecisive and confused that keeps changing direction 
in the middle of the road with a U-Turn here and suddenly turning left when I have my blinker 
to the right. and dragging with me whoever stands on my way, in this case, you, my beautiul
readers, bless your hearts, that's why I love you all a ton. ;)

Thanks for reading,
Lori Novo

Didn't I Do It For You?

Hello beautiful world! I felt like Flickring today...

While listening to this beautiful song by FKA twigs I suddenly got the urge
to run back to my studio and shoot a close-up. I had not felt this inspired in months
and I am starting to feel again those butterflies in my head, you know the ones that awake
inspirationally thoughts in us.

This time, I'll take it slow, no rush and no pressure. I don't want to start feeling again
burned-out. I am now starting from zero, let my new journey begin.

Smooth sailings my beautiful people!
Lori Novo

A Thing or Two

Being the parent doesn't mean we can't learn a thing or two from our own children.

Hello beautiful world!
Hoping you are having an amazing day like I am.
It started very pretty with the rain and then my Steppenwolf goes and turns my pretty day into
beautiful, I'll keep the details of how he did that to myself ;)

Anyways, about a week ago I was getting ready to remove most of my Flickr pictures when my daughter saw me 
and stopped me from doing it. She asked me why would I want to do that?
I explained that Flickr only allows 1k max pictures for the free account and charges over 50 dollars
a year for Premium which is unlimited. Steppenwolf actually pays for that but I really thought
it wasn't necessary anymore. I have almost 7,500 at the moment and the number keeps rising rapidly
every week.

My daughter said that removing the pictures would be sad since that is my art, something that I have been so proud
of doing for years and I have enjoyed it. That the pictures should stay and if in the feature I go back to the free
Flickr account and most of my pictures go into hiding, so what! 
That at least they continue to be there, safe, and she is right!

Thanks for reading!
Lori Novo

To Give and Take

Dear Second Life, you give and then you take back, not fair!

Hello beautiful world!
There was a time when I was so friendly that my list of contacts in Second Life was a mile long,
everyone seemed to want to be my friend. There was not a day that went by that I didn't get friendship 
requests and I would accept every single one of them. Now, my list is reduced to only
six names, including my Steppenwolf.

I have become so antisocial in the last two years to the point that if I feel that I am getting too close
to someone, I will push them away. I feel that this might be the fear of losing them in the long run
when they become more special and then getting hurt harder. I have lost so many good friends in 
the past that were so dear to my heart that now, I have built a wall to not let anyone near. 
I understand that people move on or interests change but I can't help feeling such sadness 
when this happens.

One of the friends that I lost some years ago was my very first Second Life sister, Poppy Ghostrave.
She was an amazing woman and the most wonderful friend anyone could ask for. She loved creating
things for her sim like flowers, trees, etc.

I met Poppy while exploring what was my favorite sim at the time, Fatimas Victorian Houses 

"Each friend represents a world in us, 
a world possibly not born until they arrived, 
and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born." 
-Anais Nin

Poppy became such a big part of my life that I seriously thought that someday we would meet each
other in person. Instead, one day she just stopped coming to Second Life and I made many intents 
to get hold of her but I never heard from her ever again. I still remember her often even after all these years 
because she got to touch my life in such an amazing way that I even considered her a sister.

I am so thankful for the time that she was in my life and only wish she would have stayed there
forever. I have written about her before because I feel that maybe she remembers me too like I do
and she'll read this blog to see what I been up to, or so I hope. 

Much love my beautiful people!
Lori Novo

Heart of Courage

She battled with the most powerful of kings.
Bringing them down to their knees, defeated.
Surrendering at her feet even though she was no warrior.
Her only weapon was her vulnerability and a heart full of courage.
Something, that no army could resist.
She was courageous, she was a simple woman.
-Lori Novo

Hello beautiful world!
Just hours ago I was writing about how my family and I are taking all the precautions to keep
safe from Coronavirus, now we are not sure how safe we really were.

What happened is that my daughter has been going to work (Barista) and even though she
has been very careful by keeping her mask on and everything else she can do, now there's a chance
that three of her co-workers might have the virus so they are being tested and all we can do is wait to see
what the results are. You can imagine how scary that can be, especially for me that my immune system 
is very low due to my health condition. Anyways, we are keeping faith that their test results
will come out negative and that they will be ok, and us too.

But speaking about my daughter,
my daughter is such a jokester. Her laughter will fill up the house and she is constantly 
making me laugh. She is an Environmental Science major and would like to be an ornithologist.
At the moment, all her classes are on-line which she hates because she would rather have her classes
in person. She's the type of person that can't stay put, not even for a moment that is why I am so
proud of her because she has been very responsible since Coronavirus started by staying home.
At her place of work, they had closed it for a while but not too long ago they decided to open it
back again. At first, we had our concerns but then we started feeling a bit more comfortable with
her going back. Now, we are not sure.

Thanks for reading!
Lori Novo

Be My Once In a Lifetime

It's after 2am and I can't sleep.
My Steppenwolf has been under the weather for a few days now and I can't help
worrying sick with this Coronavirus going on. Anyways, my Steppenwolf is fine, he's been working from home 
and has the groceries delivered to the house, he is really taking all the precautions necessary
to stay safe, he'll be ok in no time. ;)

But really, what's going on with all these people not wearing masks and going out everywhere
like if Corona is not a thing anymore. Last time I checked, Coronavirus is still very much
among us and people are still in danger of getting sick. In our county, the number
of new cases has tripled in the last two weeks with some having to be hospitalized and
unfortunately we continue to lose lives every day.

Please dear friends, continue to keep safe. You are too precious to put your health in danger.
If you must go out, wear your masks and keep some distance from other people.
Hopefully, soon it'll be 100% safe to go back to normal and then we can go out and give
hugs to every single person that we see. 

Thanks for reading my beautiful people!
Mucho Amor,
Lori Novo

Quietly I Feel Your Whisper Settle On Me

"Carry me home when the light in my eyes does fade.
Carry me home when the shadow comes to take me away.
Lay down my bones knowing I'll be in a better place.
Release my soul, carry me home.

Carry me home there's no sorrow down in the ground.
Carry me home don't you weep for I am freedom bound.
Lay down my bones there is peace within the light I found.
Release my soul, carry me home."

Beautiful lyrics, indeed, won't you agree?
So poetic, but if you know me well by now, you would know how much I love this
type of music. Steppenwolf always makes fun of me saying that I am attracted to 
dark and sad songs and he's not wrong.

Anyways, let me share again something about me that I shared a long time ago.
At 6 months old I became very ill and I actually died, I was pronounced dead by the doctor
who had tried to save my life. As the doctor and the nurses walked away to give my mother
some time to say goodbye, she embraced my tiny body in her arms and cried asking God not
to take me. And I opened my eyes again, and here I am. So I like to believe that I was born twice
into this world, the first time on November 2nd which is the day the dead are celebrated in 
Mexico and the second time on that night in my mother's arms.

I have never been a healthy person due to that illness that almost took me that night,
and though I have lived a life full of physical pain and with the years my condition continues to 
get worse, I am thankful to be alive. I find life beautiful even with all the pain I have lived with
during my lifetime.

All the years I have lived after I opened my eyes again in my mother's arms on that day
have been a gift and a miracle that I am so thankful for. 
And every day that I get to wake up to see my children's smiles and to hear 
an "I love you" from Steppenwolf, or see another sunrise or a sunset, and to feel the rain,
these, my friends, are the things that I didn't miss because for some reason I got a second
chance to stay in this world!

Thanks for reading my beautiful people!
Much love,
Lori Novo