New Monday's Resolution


Hello Beautiful World!
Hope you all are having an amazing Monday. It is the start of a new week and it is in your hands
to make it an amazing one. I've been thinking that every Monday we should start practicing something
new to improve ourselves as humans. These practices that I have in mind are not things from out of this
world but they are actually pretty simple and anyone can do them if they are willing to put in the effort.
They are like kind of the New Year resolutions we all make every year but these will be every Monday
resolutions. Do you like the idea? It'll be fun to do them together and by the end of the year, for sure
we will better humans than how we are right now.

For our first Mondays' resolutions let's begin with something very simple and that is to restrain ourselves from
lying. Now, as we all know, lying is a very nasty thing that most of us do from time to time. Even white
little lies are not allowed. Let's mark this day as the day we are no longer lying or at least try not to
lie. Remember that anything under the sun can't stay hidden forever and the truth will always surface at
the end. Also, what starts as a little lie, will create a chain of new lies resulting in a big hot mess at the end. 
Those innocent, little lies are the ones that trap us since they seem so harmless. It usually starts with a little 
one but that little one usually will require another just to sustain it and so the whole thing will just continue 
to grow and grow until we find ourselves too deep in and with a long list of notes we had to take just to keep track of 
what we been saying, now is that really worth it? I say not! So next time instead of making a lie to answer some 
questions that we really don't feel comfortable with, let's just be honest and say, 
"I rather not answer that." because there's more respect in that to both sides.

Keep it wholeheartedly my beautiful people!
Much Love,
Lori Novo

Windows To The Soul

Hello Beautiful World!

While working on this blog post, editing all the pictures below of all the different eye colors, I realized
how much I truly love working with this particular item. They say the eyes are the windows to our souls
and I honestly believe that to be true. You can tell much about a person just by looking into their eyes,
or at least I know I can. You know how they say some people know how to read body language or tones
of voice, well, for me, it is the eyes that give it away, many times I can tell if a person is being honest
or hiding something from me if I keep eye contact with them while we talk, call it a superpower if you
will. ;) Too bad this little power of mine doesn't work in Second Life since I can't really look into the
eyes of the people I talk to and so I have to rely on the things they say and their behavior. Funny how
many times these two things don't match, they say one thing but then their actions say another.

So the eyes can be the windows to our souls in real life but in Second Life I consider them beautiful face jewels. 
I am now starting to change my eyes more often unlike in past years that I would get stuck with one
pair that I liked and it would take me years to change it to another new pair. But now, when I am checking
out complete collections of a designer's eyes, I get so excited and wish I could blog every single
pair of new eyes that I get but that would be just too much since every eye packs that I get contain
at least ten new pairs. I think I could very easily become an eye blogger featuring all eye designers in Second 
Life and all their beautiful eye collections as long as they are available for Catwa heads and not BOM or HD. :P

Take care of each other my beautiful people!
Much Love,
Lori Novo

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 Just a beautiful Youtube video Sab made for me a while back. <3
Have a beautiful Saturday dear friends!

October 17 / 9:34 AM

Brother Geoffrey Firehawk

Hello Beautiful World!

There are two very special people in my Second Life right after my Steppenwolf. Two men, that with the years 
they have reached the ultimate level of friendship, these two men are my two Second Life brothers, Zorro Wayo (zorro5) 
who has been my brother for almost ten years, and Geoffrey Firehawk who has been my brother for about three years now. 
My brother Zorro has made several appearances in the blog through the years. However, I believe this may be the second time I am mentioning Geo.

Photo by Geo

Geo, is a very well known blogger and photographer in Second Life among many other things;
Mr. V Belgium 2014
3rd runner up "Mr. METAVERSE 2014"
♛Mister Metaverse Belgium 2014♛
♛Mister Elegance  Belgium 2021♛
- Photographer of Miss Virtual World 2020 : Morgan Firehawk-Whitfield
- Model Fantasy Angels Company
- Model My Light Fashion Agency
- Model SMA
- Model *PosESioN*
- Model AIM
- Model Inworld

HERE you can check out his Flickr stream.

My brother Geo is married to the beautiful Morgan Whitfield Firehawk (Her Flickr);
                              **MV♛ BELGIUM 2020**
            ✵Care and Hope Center Educator/Owner✵ 
        ✵Professional Certified Model✵  ✵Heels Owner✵

Truly a couple made in heaven.

I am very proud of both my brothers that I love them very much. After my Steppenwolf, I can 
sincerely say they are my best friends that I hold very close to my heart. The respect is mutual,
true gentlemen, honorable, and genuine. Both are very loving and caring for me as I am for them,
and with them, I have learned that in Second Life, friends will come and friends will go, but those
that we call brothers, those are the ones that will stay by our side through time, sharing a bond 
that will always remain as strong and tight that only in true families can be felt.

Thanks For Reading!
Much love,
Lori Novo

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Playing Cat and Mouse

Oh dear Lord, forgive me for I been bad, really bad...

Hello Beautiful World!
Have you heard the saying "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer."? Well, guilty
of doing exactly that. For a while now I have been playing along a little game of cat and mouse, 
pretending not to know what's going on when in reality I am ten steps ahead. I keep
it real and expect the same from others, but as you all already know, it is very hard to spot
right away the bad ones in Second Life. Sometimes they approach us a sheep when in reality
they are bad wolves. However, this time and for the first time ever, I decided that I might as well 
have some fun with the situation just for a little while until I get bored, :P BAAAAH!

Stay Real My Beautiful Ones!
Much Love,
Lori Novo


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