With Gentle Steps of Peace I Walk

- John Lennon -

Be still my heart
Allow me to take in every minute
every second
and every breath I take.
There is no rush
no hurry
no race to be won.

Peace is the flag that is engraved in my heart
and with gentle steps
of peace I walk.

Be still my heart
Be still.
-Lori Novo

Hello beautiful world!
May peace and love be with you. Happy Monday and a happy Labor Day to all my Americans.
Today I am having a most gorgeous, rainy and cloudy day on my side of the world, Texas USA.
I love days like these!
Earlier today I visited a few Twitter accounts as I drank my morning “survival” cup of coffee,
looking for inspirational quotes to start my week off on a good note and I stumbled upon a few
focusing on depression. I suffer from depression and anxiety as many of you know and all I can
say is, depression is a war that those of us diagnosed with it must fight every day. However, I
have found that Second Life has helped me so much in fighting these monsters. It is taking the
pictures you see on this blog every day, and writing, that leave less space for these malicious
diseases to sneak into my head. I always feel so proud of myself when at the end of the day I
can go to bed with a smile on my face, knowing that I came out triumphant from my daily battle
with depression (pats her own back).

Anyways, life is good and beautiful no matter what.

While going through these Twitter accounts I came upon one that I loved so much. It was from a boy
dedicating it entirely to the girl he loves. Every day he posts something new for her, a poem or a quote
or a beautiful picture. How romantic is that?
There is peace in love, there really is!
When we come to love life and people and moments and feel thankful for all these beautiful gifts in life,
the peace we get to feel is far greater than any treasures in the world. Actually, peace and love are the
two treasures that can only be found in a good heart. Imagine if every person in the world felt love for others
instead of hate or envy? If every person in the world exercised peace instead of violence or greed?

Here is a beautiful Flickr group you may want to visit, by SL artists who come together
for the peace of the world sharing their work with others.

Thanks for reading my beautiful people!
... and with gentle steps of peace start your week.
Mucho Love,
-Lori Novo


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