The Makeover Room: Arte & !IT!

~ Halsey ~

“I am deep and not that easy.
When it comes to love on one on one.
I have many layers to peel, many levels, many hurdles to overcome.
Hiding in a cloak of an innocent smile.
I am not that gullible as it seems 
Be forewarned for those who wants to endure.

Wanted: a lover and a warrior.
Ready to fight win and conquer
If you are half baked you won't survive.
If mind is chaotic and not laser focused.
A fickle heart, unfaithful, weak to temptation, 
Is not what I wanted, not needed.

If you failed the challenge, un-capable to win.
You are free to leave like the wind.
I won't chase you, I won't bother you.
You came, you saw, you gave up.
The shelves are too high and marked top priced.
I wish you best of luck.
To find a perfect match.
A lot lose, lower, cheaper perhaps? 

But don't get it twisted and don't get it mixed. 
If you don't really know for sure.
Just because I said I love you. doesn't mean I'm in love with you. 
For there is that love I give for any one whose non-selfish.
It is universally sweet, platonic warm friendship.

But the winner takes all, who endures to the end.
True love promised, desired and eternal.
For a soulmate, twin flame, the great lover who never gives up.
No space between the two and knows no time.
Heart beats in symphony, they vibrates and in synced in perfect unison” 

The Makeover Room is a monthly skin & makeup event featuring exclusive items at discounted prices from designers all over the grid. The event runs from the 1st - 26th of each month. Blog / Flickr

Wearing from this round

Exclusive For TMR / Catwa Mesh Head Applier / Contains 3 Lashes

by !IT!
Exclusive For TMR / Catwa Applier Only / 7 Sets  Available (5 colors per set)


♥ Skin ~ Freedom Skin [Cotton Tone] ~ L'Etre Skin Shop
♥ Hair ~ Ethereal ~ Shi.
Collar ~ Isis * Brown ~ sYs

Thanks for your visit my beautiful people!
Mucho love,
Lori Novo

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