Easter at Boudoir 🐇

Will you breathe spring into me?

"Will you breathe spring into me?
Possessing this winter-worn soul
So I may awaken once more
To soft hues and pastel laden tones
Still wet
From freshly coated paint
Covering over canvas stark and bare
Of all that laid dormant under drifts of ashen snow
Gray upon darker gray frost upon frozen earth
Awaiting its time to arrive in rebirth ~
Colors will burst to the envy of sunlight
April winds will whisper through uncovered trees
As buds now begin to blossom and bloom
I long to feel warmth covering my skin and
The flowing caress of the breeze
As it wisps through my hair
Embracing my body as it gently seduces my senses
With gold skies of morning and crisp air of night
I feel spring enter me as I take another breath
~With lips freshly kissed
From the passion of the sun
I smile with my heart
A new season has begun~ "

Easter Rabbit Gacha đŸ‡
by Boudoir
(10 Commons / 2 Rare / Items are Transfer / 50L Per Play)
Royal Easter Eggs 
(Set of 6 / Copy / with Resizer / 2-4  Land Impact)

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Tree ~ Starglitter Tree (Sugar White) ~ Half-Deer
Grass ~ 32 Short Mowed Lawn (Flat) Green ~ KIDD
Bunnies ~ Secret Garden Bunnies (Latte) ~ Half-Deer
Flowers ~ White Flowers 1 ~ Little Branch
Flickr / Photographer Lori Novo

Thanks for your visit my beautiful people!
Mucho love,
Lori Novo

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