The Chapter Four: Entice

A Crowded Road

Last night I had a dream
where I walked down a crowded road
where people stopped to greet me
while others just looked at me in silence as I passed them by.
Everyone seemed to be happy
and then I realized...
all these people were real people I have known throughout my life,
not a stranger in sight.
Some are people that have already passed,
others were people that still live on.
Many were already forgotten faces
from times long gone.

I continued walking this crowded road
where all these people stood by
waiting for me,
expecting me
as to greet me
or to say goodbye.

They stood in groups,
families, cities, events...

I am carrying a light suitcase
and my feet never touched the ground
there are moments where I seem to be floating so high
almost able to touch the clouds.
It is nighttime as I continue walking
this crowded road
and finally, I reach my mother
who is sitting down
at the end of the road
and I asked her
"Mother, are we ready to go?"

and then I wake up.

Thanks for reading my beautiful people!
- Lori Novo

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Flickr: One / Two
Model & Photographer ~ Lori Novo

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