Just for the moment, let's be still

Hello beautiful world!

Today, we are shifting gears for my background picture and try white instead of my usual dark one.
It is time to add some light to my work once in a while. By the way, beautiful day here in Texas, windy and with a few dark clouds, 
hoping for some rain as always but so thankful that the days are starting to feel cooler and not so much like an oven.

From yesterday's post, I received a few emails asking me the same question...
why "sixteen"?
I really can't answer that because I too wondered why sixteen and not another number.
However, the closet and hall in my dream are real. I live in a very old and huge house that served as a
small hospital/clinic many many years ago. The closet in the hall is just like in my dream except that is not as long. 
Still, it almost runs from one side of the house to the other. The way this house was built though
it is very beautiful both inside and out, some of the rooms just don't make sense. I guess that's how
all old houses are.

want to pay tribute before I go to one of my mother's favorite singers Camilo Sesto who passed away
on the 8th of this month. I grew up listening to his music that would be playing often at our home.
My mother had all his albums, and posters and anything she could get her hands on. One of the songs
that I remember the most is "Jamas" which has to be my favorite one.

Here are the lyrics in English...


I never want to be without your body, never
Neither the warmth of your way of loving, never
Neither the tenderness of your awakening
that I may never be without it.

May your love not be fleeting, never
Without you, I would not have found this peace, never
That it calms me and caresses my soul
that I may never be without it.

Never, never, have I ever stopped being yours
I say it with pride
only yours and no one's else.

Never, ever, have my hands felt
another skin only yours
because even in dreams,  I've been faithful...

Thanks for reading,
- Lori Novo

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