Thursday, September 10, 2015

I Am She


“I am she who lifts the mountains
When she goes to hunt,
Who wears mamba for a headband
And a lion for a belt.
I swallow elephants whole
And pick my teeth with rhinoceros horns,
I drink up rivers to get at the hippos.
Let them hear my words!
Nhamo is coming
And her hunger is great.

I am she who tosses trees
Instead of spears.
The ostrich is my pillow
And the elephant is my footstool!
I am Nhamo
Who makes the river my highway
And sends crocodiles scurrying into the reeds!” 
― Nancy Farmer, A Girl Named Disaster


Nhamo is an 11-year-old Shona girl living in a traditional village located in Mozambique around 1981. 
She was raised with the knowledge and customs of her tribe, but because scandal seemed to follow
her and her mother, she was named "Disaster" in the Shona language.

~ Marian Hill ~

by !gO!

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