Isles Of Lyonesse

Exploring Second Life

This post is dedicated to my little guy, my son.

Welcome To

Places to visit in this beautiful sim,

❉ Landing Point
❉ Ballroom
❉ Carousel
❉ Icy Caves
❉ Frozen Fountain
❉ Christmas Shop
❉ Lane Cafe
❉ Riverwalk to Cozy Pergola
❉ Winter Garden
❉ Ice-Skating Pond
❉ Christmas Cottage
❉ Reindeer & The Dreaming House

There are free skis at the hut at the landing point, a free saucer sled at the Christmas Shop 
and there are also sledge givers at various points on the sim.  Popcorn and candyfloss
are available from the hot chocolate stand at the ice skating pond.

HaVe FuN!
& please don't forget to show some Linden love during your visit.
All donations are greatly appreciated.