Apple Fall in the Winter

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The beautiful location is the same one I used in a previous post a few days ago. 
I loved it so much that I just had to go back and I am hoping to pay it a third visit before the snow starts to melt.
The whole sim is just so beautiful, especially the Pine forest  that surrounds the area, 
and the wind turbines in the distance beautifully compliments the scene.

While I was at Apple Fall exploring the sim, I was joined by my good friend Tortuga which I had not seen in a very long time. 
We started talking about the season and the weather but especially about the snow...

Tortuga: i wonder if we will have snow
Tortuga: cause the snow we got melted
Lori Novo: have you always had a white christmas?
Tortuga: no
Tortuga: i only seen one green christmas
Tortuga: all the rest white
Lori Novo: I only seen one white christmas
Tortuga: i wont mind green
Lori Novo: I won't mind white

Funny how we always seem to want what other people have.
Tortuga lives up north and I live in the south Texas, USA.
Here in the Rio Grande Valley where I live it has snowed only once in my whole life
and to give you just an example of how it always feels like summer even in the winter time,
my mom just called me to let me know that we are expecting a 90°+ weather on Christmas day.


Time for me to say goodbye for now.
Keep warm and safe and please take care of each other.

Lori Novo

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