Jip & Kees

Slowly Falling...
reaching my face,
softly leaving a gentle caress,
in a lover's whisper you send
with every snowflake.

But I wonder,
In which star can I find you?
Why are you hiding and playing love games with my heart
and making me love you?

Slowly falling.

She looked into his eyes and all she could see in them was a heart full of love for her.
He had always managed to make her feel beautiful, loved and special,
It was a feeling she could never get with anyone else in the world.
His love was her refuge and her Heaven. 
In his arms she could always find peace and a new reason to smile.
Still, the fear that their love could be just a dream tormented her.
But then, she also knew that love was a gift and it was always good.
So she let this thought undress her from all her doubts.

... and if this is just a game,
I'll play this game with you.
But not as your opponent 
but as the game piece for you,
That you can move with your heart
every time it beats with love.

Slowly falling
more in love with you.

-Lori Novo

~ Crooked Still ~

Today once again, I chose another song from this great band that I love so much for my blog post.
It is described as a black spiritual-religious tune. The lyrics are very short and strong, hope you enjoy it ;)

Pharaoh, Pharaoh's army sure got
drownded, Pharaoh · Go down, go
down Izzup and lead your children,
go down · Mary, Mary sure was
Jesus' mother, Mary · Farewell,
Farewell children, I sure must leave
you, farewell.

Today I am wearing a new release from FA CREATIONS.

This is
by designer Sandie Saenz

Click Pic For Larger Size

Cardigan & BeggyPants Sold Separately
12 Texture Options HUD for Cardigan
6 Texture Options HUD for BeggyPants
Demo Available

 Skin ~ Enya * Tan ~ WoW Skins & Shapes 
♥ Hair ~ Editorial \ Western wind - Blonds (Gacha) ~ Tableau Vivant
Blush ~ #2 ~ :Sugar:
 Beauty Marks ~ Customizable beauty marks A [mesh] V1.1 ~ {&why}
 Eyes ~ Ardent * Clarity (Medium) ~ Ikon Eyes
 Slink ~ Hands & Feet
♥ Necklace ~ From Light To Light (Men's Gift From Advent Calendar)~ Chop Zuey
♥ Boots ~ Combat Boots (Past Shiny Shabby Gift)
Model & Photographer ~ Lori Novo


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