When Heaven Visits The Earth


~ Enya ~

The outdoor view appeared blurry
when she stood up from her chair and walked up to the window.
It felt cold to the touch as she ran her warm hand across the glass.
Everything outside was white,
as if Heaven had descended down to the earth to pay it a visit.
And in silence, she stood looking out at the wintry day in amazement.

The breeze moved the tree branches in a soft and gentle dance
making their snow covered branches drop their snow like a glittering rain.
It was a beautiful thing that gave her a sense of peace
and yet, it also made her feel an inexplicable sadness.

In the distance, she could hear the church bells play Christmas carols,
and the laughter of children playing in the snow.
"Heaven is on earth!", she thought and smiled
as her eyes filled with tears.

She looked back to the Christmas tree in the corner of her small living room and smiled.
It was beautifully adorned with multi-color lights and a cute variety of Christmas ornaments.
Walking up to the tree, she placed her hand on each ornament
 pausing each time and recalling what each meant to her.
Each one reminded her of a special past event or someone special in her life 
that was no longer there.
 As she continued, a mixture of emotions
overwhelmed her as she embraced each memory.

Her sobs finally broke the silence in the room
as she looked up to the shiny star on the tree top.
With a smile and her eyes filled with tears,
she felt thankful
for the beautiful memories each person had left behind in her heart.  
She then realized that her Christmas tree wasn't just another
holiday decoration in her home, but it represented the beautiful history of her life.

"Thank you dear Lord for all Christmases past!"
She exclaimed, as she put on her red coat and stepped outside the door 
to enjoy the day when Heaven visited the earth.

-Lori Novo

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