Exploring Second Life

It is so gratifying to tell so many stories my eye can romance with, 
that I become the stories.
They shall live on after me, 
and in that way,
 it makes me immortal” 

Come, smile and explore with me

Hello Second Life
I' ve already used Bad Seed for three of my last four posts that I just had to show you the reason why.
This charming little town is created for baby and kid Avatars but everyone is welcome to explore and you will be surprised of the many great spots you will find to take great pictures. It is also home to Bad Seed Main Store, BunBun, Turducken, Meche, Dream, Plum, Babysteps, 
Hello Beautiful, La Boutique, Family Closet, Color Me Cute, Lazy Unicorn,  Toddleedoo,
 Ugly Duckling, Blush, etc.

Hope To See You There!

More Pics On READ MORE!

Photographer ~ Lori Novo
FLICKR: Pic 1Pic 2 Pic 3 / Pic 4 / Pic 5 / Pic 6 / Pic 7 / Pic 8

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