Exploring Second Life: Viole

Dear Second Life,
I am starting this blog post differently from how I usually do. I am starting it with a beautiful video that was shared with me some time ago by one of you; thank you so much! I've been meaning to use it in the blog for a while now but then it just got buried under the tons of links that I have saved and I completely forgot about it. Today I was planning on taking the day off from posting, but when I logged in-world, tension started building up and I know that exploring is the best way for me to calm down and find some peace. Anyways, I decided to explore a beautiful sim that I used recently for another post, and why not take a few shots while I was there to share with you? Instead of not posting at all today, I decided that for today, I take a break from fashion-blogging and instead share beautiful views of one of our amazing Second Life sims.

This is

I took a nice stroll down the stone paths that feature a parade of homes that are for rent.  It is an absolutely beautiful and peaceful sim with a number of homes vacant, waiting to be occupied. It is an ideal place to make residence, not overcrowded by too many houses which is something I loved. Everyone is welcome to visit, all they ask is that we respect the residents’ right to privacy and do not enter any of the occupied rental parcels.

Now moving on to the video at the beginning of my post that you just watched and in case you haven't yet, please do whenever you get a chance (approximately: 5:40 minutes long)...

Acts of kindness, no matter how big or small, are guaranteed to make a change around us. They usually create a chain reaction when people get inspired by witnessing or receiving such a gift. It is a beautiful thing to be a link that forms the chain of good samaritans in the world. This can be as simple as opening a door for another person or leaving a thank you note next to the tip on the table for the waitress/waiter that served us. Even a simple smile and a friendly hello to a stranger will add more light to their day. These may be simple acts but there is really no simplicity to the effect they will produce. With each act, the world becomes brighter with all the light that comes from the heart of a person that has done something nice for another person. Together, we can make each and every  day the brightest to the point that our planet Earth will need to wear shades.

Thanks For Reading Beautiful World!
Mucho love,
- Lori Novo

If you want a larger view of my pics, please visit my Flickr


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