Candy Fair 2016

~ Bailey Pelkman [Archies Cover] ~

Dear Haters,
I couldn't help but noticed that
"Awesome" ends with "me" and "Ugly" starts with "u"
- Funny Minions

Hahahaa, sorry dear readers, but this is so funny,
Have an amazing day ! :P



Get an early start trick-or-treating for tons and tons of yummy gifts from different designers.
No need to join the group, ends October 31

Wearing from this event,

Lollibow Earrings by Fetch GIFT
Candy Cocoa Nails by LIVIA  GIFT
Lisara Horns by Ayashi GIFT
Sweet Eyes * Ragdoll by Lotus GACHA
Rotten Hair by Dichotomy GACHA

View Gallery HERE / Blog / HuntFlickr / FaceBook

Model & Photographer: Lori Novo / Flickr

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