Boudoir: Rococo Throne Collection

~ Damian Rice ~

“... Actually all women are psychic. 
When a man cheats on a woman 
and lies to her, 
she already knows; 
she just lies to herself.” 

So after all these years I finally get the meaning to the song 9 Crimes... it's about cheating, DUH!
Kind of slow in the head I'll say, but I really never paid careful attention to the lyrics I had sung about a million times. 
I probably thought it was about actual crime, maybe  like shooting bullets with a gun or something like that, 
not really sure what I was thinking. Anyways, I love this song even though my daughter hates it. 
Mmm, maybe she does know the meaning of it.

Still having a beautiful day here in south Texas, cloudy, cool and dark... just the way I like them. Just need the rain.

Have an amazing day my beautiful people!
Mucho love,
Lori Novo

Introducing the NEW

Low Prim * 3 Prims / Throne available in PG and Adult version / Copy Only / Resizer 

PG version 
contains 40 different high quality male/female animation in 2 sitting spots 
(20 animations in throne and 20 next to it as "ground sits") 

ADULT version 
contains 148 high quality animations driven in HUD with Singles and Couples animations! 
No pose balls! 
100% menu driven!
Singles Animations field includes 40 male/female animation in 2 sitting spots 
with 20 animations in throne and 20 next to it as "ground sits").

Couples Animation field includes 108 couples animations:

Cuddles 20 (10 Male/10 Female) 
Lap Dance 10 (5 Male/5 Female) 
Foreplay 16 (8 Male/ 8 Female) 
Oral 16 (8 Male/ 8 Female) 
Sex 30 (15 Male/ 15 Female) 
Masturbate/Cumming 16 (8 Male/ 8 Female)

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♥ Head ~ Catwa
♥ Body ~ Maitreya Lara
♥ Skin ~ Chayenne Skin * Cotton Tone [Catwa appliers] ~ L'Etre Skin Shop
♥ Lips ~ Sarah lipstick [#3] Catwa Applier ~ L'Etre Skin Shop
 ♥ Brows ~ Arched Eyebrows [CATWA Applier] ~ L'Etre Skin Shop
♥ Beauty Marks ~ Customizable Beauty Marks A [mesh] V1.1 ~ {why}
♥ Neck Mole ~ Mesh Beauty Mole ~ DeeTaleZ
♥ Eyes ~ Charm Eyes * Wright [mesh] ~ Ikon
♥ Hairbase ~ Baby Hair Hairbase [Catwa] ~ L'Etre    
♥ Hair ~ Waves Hair ~ Boudoir
Crown ~ Mesh Crown (no longer available) ~ THAT
 Top ~ Kimi Bustier ~ FA Creations
Click To Enlarge
♥ Over Knee  Boots & Pants (Optional * Add On) ~ SkyHigh NEW ~  InsomNia (View HERE)
Doves ~ Get Stuff
Model & Photographer ~ Lori Novo

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