PeTOu @ Everheart

Hello beautiful people!

I discovered a beautiful sim two days ago and it seems they keep beautifying it even more
everytime I go by. I really hope you take the time to pay it a visit and please, don't forget to
show some Linden love while you are there. Every donation you make will be greatly appreciated ;)

This is
PeTOu at Everheart

If you take any pictures while your visit, you may want to share them in their Flickr Group
for everyone to enjoy. As you will notice, I went crazy taking pictures and it was so hard to select a few 
to share with you since I honestly had loved them all... all 27 of them.

For my visit to PeTOu I decided to dress up a little like a snow princess since I wanted to show off my new 
Blizzard Crown  
(available at The Chapter Four / Gallery / Ends Dec. 21 )
Ice Blast Neckpiece 
(will be available at Winter Solstice in the Mystic Realms by Empyrean Forge / Opens Dec. 9 - 19) 
both by Purplemoon Creations.

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My dress is a past gacha item (Rare) by Belles Parisiennes,
Voluminous Topknot Hair by Rezology, and my "Baby It's Cold Outside" lashes are by Izzie's.
In my Basic Credits you can find the rest of what I am wearing.

Have the most wonderful day and I hope you enjoy the pictures below that I took for you.
For a larger & better appreciation of these images, you can view them 
here: One / Two / Three /Four / Five / Six / Seven

Mucho love,
Lori Novo

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