Happy Monday!

*No matter what obstacles come across my path today 
I overcome them with renewed inner strength.

*I Have a dream, and LIVE IT! 

*I NOW choose a more direct path to higher awareness. 

*I joyously leap out of my bed and greet my morning with a glad heart. 

*As I inhale deeply I open up every cell in my body to all the good vibrations of the universe. 
I am full of life and full of light. Everything is right. 

*My inner strength is a mighty fortress. 

*I find myself growing in wisdom, 
courage and good health and responding to others with compassion. 

*I am loved and I am capable. 

*My life is full of wealth, blessings, and supportive loved ones. 

*I am the sum total of my choices which make me who I am. 
We are all of us unique. I celebrate what it is that makes me unique and unrepeatable. 

*I embrace learning and personal advancement. I choose wisdom. 

*I believe in myself. I can do anything! 

*I face today's difficulties with strength and wisdom. 
Troubles melt away and are replaced with peace and contentment. 

*I get my work done effortlessly. I meet challenges bravely. I grow stronger each day. 

*Negativity is banished from my world. I am surrounded by positive vibrations.

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