ERSCH & Baiastice @ Cupid Inc.

“There is no clock on Cupid’s arrows; 
he can fire an arrow dipped in the blood of the young at the heart of the old 
and love will still catch fire and blossom.” 
― Mawuena Addo, Roses in the Rainbow


Eye Brows ~ Catwa Set 002 ~ Glam Affair
Hairpins *NEW ~ Amour (Details) ~ Ersch @ Cupid Inc. (Ends Feb. 15 - Gallery)
Dress *NEW ~ Bodycon (Details) ~ Baiastice @ Cupid Inc. (Ends Feb. 15 - Gallery)
Catwa Head
Maitreya Mesh Body 
Model & Photographer Lori Novo

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Lori Novo

My Glam Affair Inventory ● Designer Aida Ewing
My Ersch Inventory ● Designer AmzErsh
My Baiastice Inventory ● Designer Sissy Pessoa

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