An Answer From Heaven


This post is dedicated to the memory of my brother, Art. There is not a day that goes by that I don't remember
my brother, but lately for some reason, I've been thinking of him even more. I miss my brother and love him just
as much as the day he left us. Art suffered severe depression, just like I do. If you suffer depression or have
suicidal thoughts, please seek help. We are not alone. There are people waiting to help us.

The Snow
Coming out from midnight mass from the small church that is across from my home on that December 25, 2004 night, 
we were all greeted by a soft rain of sparkling snowflakes softly falling over all of us. You can just imagine the excitement
on all the faithful parishioners that had been attending the house of the Lord to receive the birth of our baby Jesus.
For many of us, it was the first snow that our eyes had ever seen. We all gathered and looked up to the sky in disbelief and
shouts of "It is Beautiful!" could be heard all around. No one seemed to want to leave and missed such wonderful gift from God... the snow!

Early the next morning, I woke up eager to see how it looked outside. I ran as quickly as my legs allowed it 

and opened my curtains to the front window to look at the park across the street. 
What my eyes saw that morning was a beautiful scene. It looked as though it came from a Thomas Kinkade painting. 
A white layer of sparkling snow covered all the land making it look like magic, 
as if Heaven had visited us and decided to stay with us for a while.

My children and I ran outside eager to touch the snow that we didn't care for our coats and winter caps.

I was so amazed by so much white beauty. I had never seen or touched snow in my life and I couldn't contain my joy. 
Soon my dear brother Art came to visit and together we enjoyed this wonderful snow that unfortunately only lasted us a day. 
But I still remember my brother's smile and the excitement in his words and face 
every time he would look outside as if to make sure the snow had not gone anywhere.

Bad News
January 24, 2005, late in the afternoon, there is a knock at my front door. 

Two very well dressed men stood there bringing sad news...
Art had tragically lost his life!

But how could that be, I had talked to him about the weather earlier and he seemed OK.

"Why?... How can this be?" I kept asking myself.

The days that followed were the hardest and saddest days in my life. My dear brother Art was gone and I would never be able to hear his voice, put my arms around him and see his beautiful smile ever again. I became quiet and tended to be away from everyone. I wanted to be alone to remember him, to cry, to get angry and to ask why this had happened?

After many sleepless night of crying for my dear Art, I finally got the feeling of talking directly to him.

Lying down on my bed and with my pillow completely drowning in my tears I asked my dear brother...

"Art, I miss you so much, why did you have to go? How can I ever smile again knowing how tragically you left us?

My dear brother I ask that you try to find a way to let me know that you are OK, that you finally have the peace
you long for and that you are with our Lord. Please Art find a way to let me know this, any way you can...
I love you...", and then I finally went to sleep after many days of not sleeping.

he Music
About an hour later, I am awakened by soft music. It seemed to be coming from far, far away. The melody was a sweet

one like in an echo and I could hear someone, a man, singing. I couldn't make the words he was singing, but in his voice
I could feel peace. I started searching around in the darkness of my bedroom, every corner, everywhere, but I couldn't
find where it was coming from. It seemed to be coming from every direction. I ran and awakened my family and 
asked them to listen....."ssssshhhh.... listen to the beautiful music", but no one could hear it... only me.

Then I knew it, this was the sign, the message I had asked my brother to send me so I would know

he was in peace with our Lord and I could smile again.

Thanks for reading!
Lori Novo

~ Chad Lawson ~

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