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I remember my grandma's garden so well that if I close my eyes I can actually feel as a little girl
again and being surrounded by my grandma's flowers, which she loved just as much as she loved
all her birds. Now her garden wasn't big at all but it was the most beautiful in the world according
to my youthful eyes ;) It wasn't a secret garden either but more like a "come and sit with me my friend"
garden. We had a long, old wooden bench against our one-room brick home facing her tiny garden
where we loved to sit to watch the sunset, the neighborhood kids walking by on the dirt road in front
of our home, or wait for the man that would deliver our water every three days by a horse-pulled cart.
I loved every time our water would get delivered. We had four big barrels that my grandma paid a few
pesos to get filled. That water was precious for us. It was used for drinking, cooking, bathing, cleaning,
and to water my grandma's plants. I loved every time I would hear the delivery man's bell announcing he
was coming. I could hear it from a block away and as the ring of the bell would get louder my excitement
would increase. I knew that not only were we getting lots and lots of "new" water but that the nice waterman
would give me a big splash of it with the thick water hose once he was done. I always pretended to get
scared and that I wanted to get away, but who was I fooling, I had the biggest smile from ear to ear as I
screamed "no, no!" and raising my arms and dancing in a circle. One day he not only delivered our water
but brought me a gift, a small turtle. He had found it on the road that day and thought I might like it and of
course I did, I loved it actually! I never gave my pet turtle a name but I did paint her shell with my grandma's
help, in different colors with nail polishes. My little turtle looked as beautiful and colorful as the flowers in my
grandma's garden which was her new home now. 

From that day on it was my grandma, me and our baby turtle sitting every day in my grandma's garden
waving at people pass by and waiting for the nice waterman to come by.

Thanks for reading!
Lori Novo

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~ Martika ~

thy will be mine.
You make me strive
for the glorious and divine." 

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