The Abandoned Bride


"Beloved sweet heart bastard"
I say to myself, the painful and lonely nights made me so bitter
feeble and cold.
My heart,
cold like the silver platter on the side next to my grand cobwebbed bed.
The walls become yellow like my wedding dress I have worn for many years.
No male body to keep me warm at night,
still a virgin at 56,
time is still twenty minutes till nine...
I adopted a beautiful daughter named Estella,
even with her she could never give me a male corpse
for a slow painful honey moon."

Wearing Miss Havisham from Boudoir

"Miss Havisham is a significant character in the Charles Dickens novel Great Expectations.
After she had been left at the alter, humiliated and heartbroken, from that day on, she remained
alone in her decaying mansion, the Statis House- never removing her wedding dress, wearing only
one shoe, leaving the wedding breakfast and cake uneaten on the table and allowing only a
few people to see her. She even had all of the clocks in her mansion stopped at twenty minutes to nine,
the exact time she received the letter...
- Text from Boudoir

"Dear Miss Havisham,
I am cancelling our marriage arrangement since I have got now what I originally wanted.
I took half of your fortune, I lied... I never loved you and never will. It's not my fault that
you were stupid enough to fall into my trap. Well at least now you have learnt not to trust
every man you meet. Thank you for the fortune, I will spend it well. I thought it would be better
to give you a letter rather that to leave you to wait. Goodbye and good riddance...

This beautiful Bridal Costume Contains
~ Mesh Dress in 5 Standard Sizes
~ Huge Gown Dress With Train
~ Lovely Decorations Covered with Spider Webs
~ Victorian Collar
~ Victorian Bridal Wreath
~ Ghostly Veil
~ Lace Gloves
~ Wrinkle MaleUp Tattoo Layer

tysm Precious & Vita

Skin ~ Enya * Tan ~ WoW Skins & Shapes  tysm
Blush ~ #2 ~ :Sugar:
Hair ~ Casilda ~ Tukinowaguma  tysm
Eyes ~ Ardent * Clarity (Medium) ~ Ikon Eyes  tysm
Lashes ~ (No Longer Available) ~ Natural Beauty
Slink ~ Hands & Feet  tysm
Location ~ HuMaNoiD @ Lea6 (Moderate)
Model / Photographer / Editor ~ Lori Novo

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