The Reality of A Fantasy

The Authority In Femme

There is a blurry thin line separating both worlds between the reality and the fantasy,
where the weak will cease to exist in the real world and become merely a ghost of life 
when, unnoticeably, they start to fade from one side to the other.
They gradually begin to get consumed by the beauty of a self-created Avatar 
and what seems to be a perfect world that has been intentionally created to be inviting. 
They are attracted to it like wandering moths to a bright light in a darkness of night. 
And why not? 
This fantasy world has so much to offer to the weary heart.
It offers momentary freedom from the pain, the loneliness and all the aggravations that humans
can encounter in real life. Visiting this world is no longer just that, a daily vacation or a break;
it has become an addictive escape and a new home for many and that's when the "living" role is
reversed. Now life is being lived through an Avatar in a fantasy world and the "visiting" switches
to real life. The visiting to real life consists of doing just what is necessary to keep the body alive
and nothing more. Interaction with family and friends is lost and no longer do they find any sense of
value in what real life consists of. Real life simply becomes a necessary place to reload the body so it
can continue its virtual journey in the fantasy world. This is what is killing their chance of a productive
and happy life. The real world around them begins to crumble down due to their own neglect and
consequently they feel pulled even more to this more attractive and organized fantasy, where with the
click of a button they have the power and control to change everything they don't like, unlike in real life. 
The people in their real lives sadly fall secondary while being replaced with those they meet in this
fantasy world. They tend to place more if not all interest in saving the relationships in this fantasy life 
than working on saving the ones in their real lives. All people we meet should matter and all relationships
we build in any world/life can be equally important and special. No human should ever be replaced in our
lives or used to replace another and yet this happens often in their fantasy lives, which is frightening.
Yet what frightens me the most is the total loss of acknowledgment that they are a body full of life... real life 
and that life is waiting for them to be lived.... really lived. 

By no means am I implying that Second Life is an evil virtual monster waiting for the first chance to devour our souls. 

Second Life is simply that.. Second Life!
It is a wonderful world that has the beauty of bringing people together from every corner of the world 
to one place and uniting us in brotherhood/sisterhood because at the end of it all, 
 "It's A Small World After All" ;) 
Second Life mainly gives us the wonderful opportunity to enjoy our time in any way we choose 
by either meeting people and making friends or by exploring or being creative.
The possibilities are truly endless. 
The danger is not Second Life but ourselves.
Second Life is simply offered to us but we are the ones that decide 
how we are going to use this virtual gift to our benefit and not for our self-destruction. 
With proper measures and a clear sense of what is real and what is not, 
Second Life can be an amazing place to visit and explore, 
where we can fly over oceans, 
jump higher than the highest mountains and stay young and beautiful forever if we want.
However, it is not the world we were born to live our real lives in. 
It is simply a mirage that though it can provide opportunity and comfort for us 
and an escape for others, it remains being just an illusion.

This is simply my personal opinion on this subject and doesn't necessarily make it a fact. 

This article was inspired by some of the people in Second Life that so kindly shared some of their experiences with me.

Thanks for reading!

Lori Novo

~ Mazzy Star ~

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