Sewed With Love & Sacrifice


Oh what have I done
to deserve such a beautiful dress?
Oh grandma,
I love it, I love it
and I really can't wait, 
to wear it tomorrow and the next day.
I'll add tiny field flowers to my long braids
and I'll take a good shower
under the rain.
I want to be perfect
to wear my new dress
that you have made for me 
with your loving hands.
- Lori Novo

I think I was nine or ten years old when my grandma surprised me with a new dress she had made for me. 
When I saw it I couldn't believe that such a beautiful dress could possible be mine. It was the most beautiful
dress I had ever seen. It was in a metallic bright orange color adorned with a delicate, ivory-colored lace. The
skirt of the dress was in three wide ruffles with V-style sleeves and elastic on the collar and waist and it was so 
shiny which made it even more beautiful to me. I placed the dress on a chair near an open window and sat in
front of it looking at in silence for a long time while it rained outside. I was amazed with it and didn't dare to blink
or move, afraid that it would disappear. I did wear my dress the next day and the next and the next and I felt
beautiful in it like a princess. My grandma had to take it away from me to wash it.

I can still see the dress in my mind very clearly. I loved the dress back then and I still love it now because it was
so special, my grandma had sewed it by hand. Now I realize the true value of that beautiful dress, not only did it
represent my grandma's love for me but also great sacrifice. There was a great lack of money during those times
and I realize now that she must have been saving for a long time to buy the materials needed. Also, she must've
been staying up late for nights working on it while I slept since I never saw her with it until the day she gave it to
me. I can imagine her sitting in her chair in the dim room, lit just by the gas lamp on her side table 
as her beautiful, shaking hands sewed the pieces together stitch by stitch, 
poking her fingers with the needle since her eye sight was very weak, 
but I bet she never stopped smiling.

In love
sacrifice is not sacrifice at all,
but the greatest gift
we can do for our loved ones.

Thanks for reading!
Lori Novo

~ Angus & Julia Stone ~

Speaking of beautiful dresses this is 
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Model / Photographer / Editor ~ Lori Novo

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