Child's Wish


~ Kim Robertson ~

"For what better joy to a mother's heart
than to hear her child's laughter!"
-Lori Novo

"Ahhh, a firetruck, hahaha!"
"Oh mommy,  look, building blocks!"
"Hahaha, a choo-choo train!" ...
and every time the eight-year-old boy opened a gift from under the tree,
he would announce its content to his mother with such joyful excitement,
filling the room with his laughter.
Smiling, his mother watched him as he continued opening his gifts.

Suddenly, his laughter turned into tears once he had opened the last gift.
He ran to his mother's arm and in uncontrollable sobs he said to her...

"I'm sorry mommy, I was a bad boy, I tried to be good but I wasn't, I am so sorry."

His mother, confused by his words and sudden change, asked him in a soft voice...

"What's wrong my little darling, didn't you like your last gift? 
And of course you have been such a good boy, the best little boy I know in the world and Santa knows this too,
now tell me why are you sad."

Her little son answered with his eyes full of tears,
"Mommy, I like all my gifts, but none of them are what I had at the top of my list.
My number one wish was for Santa Clause to bring you a gift too
because you are the most beautiful mommy in the world that loves me so much. I am sorry!"

And he hid his little face in shame in his mother's chest.
His mother picked him up in her arms kissing his tears 
and said to him...

"What do you mean Santa didn't bring me a gift?
Of course he did, he brought me the one wish I had for Christmas day and that was the joy of seeing
you this happy filling our home and my heart with your laughter today and all the days of my life." 

The little boy looked into his mother's eyes and the most beautiful smiled appeared on his face.
He kissed his mother's cheek and jumped off from her arms returning to his opened gifts that laid on the floor
and once again the room was filled with his laughter.

-Lori Novo

My story today was inspired by the beautiful Christmas gown
that I am wearing for this post.

This is
Child's Wish Outfit
by designer Poulet KoenKamp
This is a very special creation for Ms, Poulet, It was inspired by her daughter Emma's list to Santa this year.

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