The Midas Dream


~ Enya ~

There's a little town, above the clouds with clouds of its own,
Now, this town is so special since it is always dressed in gold,
Where raccoons come to play and where time can stand still,
when the clock's tic-toc moves so slow, 
making everything fall asleep.

Liquid gold are the oceans and gold cotton clouds in the sky.
They too move very slowly, with the tic-tocs of the clock.

Butterflies are dancing to the melody in the air,
from the old piano's self-played keys.
Where the grass grows soft and white
in a lullaby's gentle Midas dream.

"Tic-Toc" whispers the clock,
being careful not to disturb the peace
as it stretches its arms just a little in a yawn,
getting ready
to resume another dream.

- Lori Novo


My beautiful people, sometimes I like to pretend I am a poet and a writer. 
I enjoy writing so much all these silly stories that I get in my head all the time. 
But by no means do I consider myself a real poet or writer. 
I am simply a dreamer wanting so much to share the things I get in my head and in my heart. 
So I ask that you bear with me and allow me to continue dreaming.

Thanks for reading
- Lori Novo

My writing today was inspired by the golden shade and soft colors in these pictures.


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