THE INSTRUMENTS: The Day I Met My Father


Wish #8: To meet my father this new year.
That was one of my 12 wishes every new year growing up.
With 2016 just around the corner, I decided that instead of writing a poem or a story today,
I'd rather share with you a little part of me... a part of my real life.

To the sound of every bell as the countdown started with 12 seconds before the new year arrived,
my family and I would do the 12 grape wishes. Every year one of my wishes would be the same,
and that was to finally meet my father. Funny thing though was that this wish really
never made it to the top three, I honestly don't know the reason.
And every year it moved in position, sometimes putting it at the very bottom.

I grew up without my father and for some reason, I had this need to see him at least once
in my lifetime and be able to shake his hand. It made me sad to think that one of us
could one day leave this world without getting a chance to stand in front of the other.
I wanted to be able to touch him and say a hello and ask him how he was doing
and I thought he might feel the same. So one year, years ago, my wish finally came true
and I got the chance to see him.

However, not all wishes we have in life can be called "dreams come true"
but more like wishes with painful results. On that day, I saw my father standing in an empty hall
and I walked up to him, I was nervous and scared but the joy of finally seeing him gave me the courage
to go up to him. I introduced myself and stretched out my hand to him. He stood there looking at me in silence,
ignoring my hand stretched out to him, and when he finally said something it was just to say
he didn't have time for me and walked away. I stood in that hall crying and repeating to myself what had just happened.
I couldn't understand.

Now my father is gone and it is sad that the only memory he left behind for me was that,
walking away from me for the second time in my life and not looking back.

Now, even though most of my New Year wishes are still the same, 
that particular one about my father has changed. Now I only wish that the day he walked away from me,
leaving me alone standing and crying in that empty hall, he left knowing that I forgave him and that he had 
missed out on something that could have been so beautiful, to have the love of his firstborn... his daughter.

Thanks for reading
~ Lori Novo

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