In The Midst Of Darkness


“I grasped the mirror to look closer at the strange girl in the reflection. 
Yes, I could see some similarities. The shape of the face was the same, 
but with all the changes it looked unearthly. 
The reflection was beautiful ...
 extremely beautiful--small, 
grayish pink lips ... dark and glowing skin ... fine white hair. 
But I couldn't stop focusing on the eyes. 
The bottomless pink was shocking in the midst of darkness. 

*** Highlighted Words on Text have Been Changed or Added to Better Go With Pic.***
Quote Not My Own

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Just a quick reminder that this current round of THE INSTRUMENTS will end January 26.
Still, with a couple of days left, you can still have enough time to visit its beautiful location
and check out the great creations from our wonderful designers.

I am wearing from this round
(Available in 3 Metal Tones)

Skin ~ Katie * Drow (Past WLTRP Gift) ~ PUMEC
Hair ~ Neria ~ Truth
Lashes ~ Glitter 01 ~ MiaMai
Eyes ~ Phantom Eyes * Hypnose ~ {Dead apples}
Model & Photographer ~ Lori Novo


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