Am I Really Having A Meow Conversation?


This Post is dedicated to my son
HaPPy Birthday!!!

The other day my cat Cossette walks into the room and sits right next to me while I was on my computer.
I turned and looked at her and playfully I said "meow" to her and looking at me she responded back.
Thinking that was cute, I continued meowing at her and each time I got a meow back from her.
After a bunch of meow's from the both of us, I started to wonder if she had gone crazy.

Has her life suddenly turned so lonely that now she is meowing to a human... seriously? 
I thought.

Then suddenly it hit me...
Can I possibly be having a real meow conversation with my cat?
Am I like seriously saying something to her in her meow language that she actually understands,
and of course, I don't because I am not a cat, duh!

It must have been something very interesting since I had her undying attention for a good 10 minutes.
Crazy cat I tell you!

Later that day, I heard the front door open when my son returned from school.
I heard his footsteps going down the hall and suddenly they came to a stop....

my son: Hey Cossette!
Cossette: meow
my son: no
Cossette: meow
my son: no
Cossette: meow
..... a few more meow's & no's

My son then came into my room and laughing he asked, "Hey mom, did you hear that?"
me: "You mean your conversation with Cossette? Yes, I heard it."

Wink Wink!

Thanks For Reading!
-Lori Novo

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