Bésame Mucho


Michael Bublé & Thalia ~

After the first touch of his lips,
fire leaped up and roared through my belly.
My fingers yanked him close,
digging into his back,
and his arms crushed me to him
as if wanting to melt us together.
I knotted my fingers in his hair
and bit down on his bottom lip,
making him groan.
His lips parted,
and my tongue swept in to dance with his...

... and in a Tango, they danced all night long.
Besame mucho.

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Serenade Dress & Debut Heels

"Straight line bodice, long sleave frock cocktail dress. 
It can definitely go from work to cocktails with a look that is chic and sophisticated. 
The dress is a color block pattern in three different solid shades a
nd is paired with a patterned neckscarf is matching color tones for a complete look.
Open toe heel with a front buckle.
The base of the shoe is patterned for a little hint of detail."

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 Skin ~ Enya * Tan ~ WoW Skins & Shapes 
Lashes ~ #7 (No Longer Available) ~ Natural Beauty
 Beauty Marks ~ Customizable beauty marks A [mesh] V1.1 ~ {&why}
Lips ~ Melissa Lips 2 ~ Belleza
Hair ~ Wake Up Alone   - Vanity Hair
 Eyes ~ Ardent * Clarity (Medium) ~ Ikon Eyes
 Slink ~ Hands & Feet
Earrings & Bracelet ~ Amore Campari ~ Chop Zuey
Rings ~ FormaNails
Rose ~ Rose For You (L$1) ~ DramaZone (MP)
Model & Photographer ~ Lori Novo


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