Merry Christmas!

My Christmas wishes for you are...

COMPASSION to give to those that you feel are alone and are in need of a friend. 
UNDERSTANDING with those that are different from you.  
FORGIVENESS to those that in some way have hurt you.
PEACE, that all hate and wrongdoings come to a stop and only allow the beauty of love to surround you.
PATIENCE when you find yourself in desperate moments. Keep in mind that God never abandons you.
HEALTH for you and all you love ones (including your pets)
HAPPINESS in everything you do and encounter in life.
BEAUTY in everything you see, feel and listen to.
But most of all, I wish for you a heart full of LOVE, 
love to spread abundantly where ever you may go. 
That you may give it to others in handfuls and receive it back it in the same matter.

Have the most wonderful Christmas and may God bless you all and your families and the whole world!!!

With TONS of Love
~ Lori Novo ~

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