Welcome to our home.... the Crescendo Novo Residence!

Hello my beautiful people!
I want to start the day by showing you my favorite part of our new house.
Welcome to our home.... the Crescendo Novo residence.

When Steppenwolf gave me the beautiful house we live in now for Valentines Day, I knew exactly
how I wanted to decorate it. I wanted to make it a place where we could breathe peace and romance and could be the perfect escape
from the real world and all the problems... it is our little heaven in Second Life.

For weeks I had been obsessing over the house since the first time I saw it at La Galleria Homes. I felt so at home every time I would visit 
the display model, plus I felt it went perfectly with the type of music I love listening to (Stacy Kent Pandora Radio) ;)

Many of the items I am using for the decoration of our new home come from BAZAR which I love
for their very affordable prices and very low prim impact in their furniture and decorative items.

I have put together this special corner in our home for when I want to relax alone... 
or with my Steppenwolf and listen to music. 
By the way, this is what Pandora Radio is playing for me now...

~ Susannah McCorkle ~

Have an amazing day and I will be sharing with you more of our home in the future.
Thanks for your visit, Mucho love,
Lori Novo

La Galleria (MarketPlace) ~ Santa Barbara House
BAZAR (MarketPlace)"Crete" Full set (Hammock Chair - White Door Decoration
Potted Wall Trees - Baskets - Succulents -  Stool Table)
{what next}Norwegian Wood Guitar (decorative only)
FloorPlan ~ Scattered Sheet Music (I believe is a Gacha item)
DRDLN Birdcage * Light Decor [gacha #10]
DRD ~ Bedside decor (Gacha 14) on Left side table
Photographer ~ Lori Novo

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