Chop Zuey @ Boho Fair

She is unpredictable, moody, ambitious and curious...

With everything she does she melts your heart. 
She is sweet and secretive, and the next moment luring and wanton, 
then she is funny, playful, spontaneous 
and from one breath to another she gets sad and concerned, 
or exhausted and worried.
 Sometimes she sighs and moans at once, 
smirks, jumps, and then she squirms, 
pulls and pushes your buttons. 
With her you never know what happens next. 
She is unpredictable, moody, ambitious and curious, 
adventurous, lascivious, innocuous, 
adorable aggressive and sullen silent from here and there. 
And every day a new shade of her personality unfolds in front of your loving eyes 
and with every day more you fear even an infinitude of time would be too short 
to see everything from her, every idea, desire, every thought and mood, 
and you wish the day would have many more hours, 
and every year many more days to be able to love her to the fullest extent possible, 
for every part of her deserves at least to be fully loved once all alone.

Wild Child Jewelry Set
by Chop Zuey for Boho Fair (Ends Nov. 11)

Long Necklace with Earrings (2 Sizes; Short & Long)
Texture Change HUD

Designer Belle Roussel

Hair *NEW ~ Carry (Details) ~ Fabia @ The Chapter Four (Ends Dec. 1)
Flowers *NEW ~ Vanessa Wreath (Cereus Garden) Gacha RARE (Key Card) ~ LODE
@ The Chapter Four (Ends Dec. 1)
Top ~ Crochet Halter Top (Pastel) ~ Giz Seorn
Model & Photographer ~ Lori Novo

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Lori Novo

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