Touched by Peace


"Be filled with wonder,
Be touched by peace."


The NEW Collection Of
The Room Sets
by Boudoir

Available in 6 Colors!
Set Contains 8 Pieces
 Canopy Chaise Lounge (Land Impact 20 / Contains 32 different high quality male/female animations 
in two different spots & 4 animations for couple cuddles.
 Gold glass table (Land Impact 1)
 Gold Baroque wall mirror (Land Impact 2)
 Baroque Armchair (Land Impact 1 / Contains 17 animations including "eat & drink".
 Boudoir Folding Screen (Land Impact 10)
 Floor cushion (Land Impact 1) Contains 12 sit and 4 sub animations.
Baroque Vanity set Mirror (Land Impact 3)
 Baroque Vanity Stool (Land Impact 2) Contains 15 sit animations and 7 vanity animations.
Land Impact for complete set is 43.

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Other Credits On My Set
♥ Building ~ Abandoned Fairy Greenhouse (empty & edited) by Boudoir
♥ Curtains & Climbing Roses by +Half-Deer+
♥ Dog ~ Flottante Puppy * Milk ~ {anc}
Rug with Flowers ~ FREE by Jade's Designs
♥ Cluster of Candles by Mesh Nation
Location ~ My Studio
Photographer ~ Lori Novo


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