And a Delicate Breeze Came To Dance With Her


~ Paul Cardall ~

Waving back goodbye at her mother and with a big smile on her face, eight-year-old Alice took her father's hand as they walked down
the hill. Her daddy had planned a special happy day just for the both of them. He wanted her to enjoy the warmth of that autumn day
by exploring the cinnamony-shade woods in the nearby forest. Little Alice skipped happily in front of her father mumbling a little melody
as her eyes sparkled with sublime joy, her father watched her satisfied. "Daddy, look!", little Alice shouted back at him as she pointed
her little finger at the flower that had bloomed through the thick, dry leaves,  covered ground.

Both father and daughter rapidly headed to the flower with excitement and once they reached it, they both stood in front of it gazing with wondrous
disbelief. This had to be a unique flower since it had grown in the flowerless forest. Never before had anyone in the village seen any type
of flower grow in this part of the woods. It had always been the perfect ground for strong tall trees to grow in but never had any of earth's stars
dared to make it their home, however, this little brave flower did.

The little flower stood proud and strong creating a magical and beautiful contrast with her surroundings. Her multi-colored petals,
glimmered with the rays of the sun like colorful stained glass windows, released shiny and tiny playful rays of light through
the woods. The little flower swiftly moved with the delicate breeze that had come to dance with her. Little Alice stood mesmerized
by such rare beauty in silence as her hand held her father's hand.

Suddenly, her father walks up to the beautiful flower and without any hesitation, briskly cuts it away from the earth. Returning to
his daughter's side, he places it on her brown curly hair and slowly starts walking away. Little Alice follows in silence with her head low
and her eyes filled with tears.

She excuses herself from her parents as soon as they return to their small cabin and walks into her room, gently removing the flower from
her hair. She carefully places it on her bedside table by her open small window and with sadness she notices the little flower has started
to wither. The colorful brightness of its petals had started to fade away and they no longer feel smooth like her mother's hands. Little Alice's tears
start rolling down her blushed cheeks, falling on the flower as a big sense of hopelessness fills her little heart. She watches it from her pillow
as night falls and in an apologizing sadness, she finally falls asleep.

The next morning, a colorful brightness wakes up little Alice making her jump out of her bed, and in amazement, she discovers that a rainbow
has bloom from her bedside table. Right where she had left the wither flower the day before, this beautiful rainbow had appeared. Looking
out the window, she notices that the other end of the rainbow stops in the middle of the forest and hurriedly she puts on her shoes and starts
running down the hill following the bright colorful arch as her parents follow right behind. An explosion of tiny playful rays of light welcomes
them as they reach the end of the rainbow. It is the very same spot where she and her father had seen the beautiful rare flower the day before
but now, the whole forest ground has been covered by the same tiny colorful flowers that swiftly move with the delicate breeze that had come
to dance with them.

-Lori Novo

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