Peek-A-Boob Day



Sometimes a girl's got to do what she's got to do to let the twins get some fresh air.
Let's say that for me today was a "peek-a-boob" day or in this case, peek-some-boobs day. 
Now let's not all get so alarmed with a little boob exposure, I've seen worse in Second Life, trust me!

It all started earlier today when I stopped by !gO! looking for something cute to wear on this lazy Sunday day. 
When I came across this Spring Pants with little birds on them, which is actually a unisex overall and it comes in many colors

 (eleven to be exact) 

I just knew I had to have it. So I went home (the one I am crashing at the moment)
and changed into my new cute overalls matching it with a cute tee, braided my hair and headed to Glanduin 
which is one of the most beautiful sims in Second Life (part of Calas Galadhon)

When I arrived there everything was so green and fresh and.... 
actually, everything was gray even the air I was breathing.  It took over 10 minutes for everything to rez up for me. 
So yeah, after what seemed like an eternity, everything  started to get so green and fresh that it provoked me to 
remove my tee to let the twins feel the cool breeze and kick off  my Christain Louboutin heels, 
which went perfectly with my new pants. ;)

I had been collecting flowers for a while when suddenly I started getting chased by angry sheep since I was stealing 
their little colorful snacks. But the situation really turned more serious when suddenly not only were the sheep after me but 
now some guy had joined in the chase. I kept running uphill and every time I turned back to see if I had lost them, I was 
surprised to see that the herd had grown bigger with more sheep and men added to the number. I must have had at least 
12 sheep and 5 men on my back wanting to take my flowers from my basket before I was able to loose them and be safe. 
What a day I tell you!

Thanks For Reading!
~ Lori Novo ~

✦ Flickr ✦

♥ Overall ~ Spring Pants ~ !gO!
 Skin ~ Enya * Tan ~ WoW Skins & Shapes 
Lashes ~ #7 (No Longer Available) ~ Natural Beauty
 Beauty Marks ~ Customizable beauty marks A [mesh] V1.1 ~ {&why}
♥ Hair ~ No Sorry ~ No Match 
♥ Hat ~ Spring Reed ~ Boudoir
 Eyes ~ Ardent * Clarity (Medium) ~ Ikon Eyes
 Slink ~ Hands & Feet
♥ Box ~ Flower Case ~ Kalopsia
Location ~ Glanduin (Moderate)
Model & Photographer ~ Lori Novo


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