Dominate Me Marco Polo



Oh wait, this is not Second Life related more like personal, 
Sorry, wrong blog... or is it? ;)
Well, what I had planned to write in my new blog which was....

"...will be focusing in real life. ... my happy moments and in my sad ones.... my life blog, past,
present and future opening my heart by writing down my memories and dreams, my nightmares,
fears, and hopes. I'll be sharing with you what makes me tickle and smile or cry and loose my temper.
I will also be sharing some of my own silly writings (poems & short stories)."

has suddenly made a U-Turn and returned right here where we are. Yes, after several requests from some of you, 
my wonderful readers and close friends, I have decided that maybe creating a separate blog wasn't such a good idea
 after all. Whatever I need to say and share with you (RL 0r SL) I can perfectly do it here... my SL blog home. Just like they
 say that one cannot serve 2 masters because at some point one will be eventually neglected, I prefer to give my "whole" 
to thee, I mean to you... in this blog ;)

Mmm, so yeah, I've been feeling somehow aroused by this melody...

There so many things I can image doing while listening to this tune, and all good ;) Anyways, it is incredible how music 
can provoke different feelings on us. Sometimes while listening
 to a song all I want to do is cry, or dance, or go out and kick someone's butt, but this song...

Oh Marco Polo
take me in your arms
and calm this ache
that has cometh over me.

I am not referring to the European explorer Marco Polo from the 1200th's. 
I am referring to my own Marco Polo that has kept me captive in his heart and submissive to his needs. 

Now women, do we really enjoy being submissive to our man? I don't know about you,
but I personally refuse to be treated as someone's property, however,  once in awhile, I do like to feel dominated.
I can be slave and goddess at the same time!

Thanks For Reading!
~ Lori Novo ~

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