Tripping On All Those Names


I keep getting tripped by Oscar, Pete and Mark, who have managed to sneak under my dress, all three at the same time!
No, not exactly them but their names and my dress isn't wide enough to shelter them all. 
There's only room for one and it's already taken. ;) 
Anyways, those are the names that are visible to me, but I wonder
how big the party really is down there. There must be at least a couple of "private" viewers
that have decided to join in with the rest since they have nothing  better to do.
I had no idea I was such a good host to these creepy and uninvited guests who refuse to leave 
and keep following me around like flies under my dress... 
Eww, that didn't sound right.

Am I missing something here? 
My undies!!!
Then I realize I am not wearing any. No wonder, this explains everything.
But then I start thinking that these must be really pathetic losers to find some excitement in looking
under innocent and unaware women's skirts to see what they can find. Plus I must add, 
my honey pot is not really that great like the rest of Second Life females 
that wear the ultra, realistic, explosive... (you get the idea) cooshi attachments. 
I am still like Linden Labs sent me into this world, 
plain and simple... yet, well functional, thank you! ;)

 (too much info there if you ask me... sorry about that) 

In over 5 years of Second life, I still haven't gotten used to checking under my dresses to see if my little honey pot
is being covered like it should. I still scare myself sometimes when I sit down and my pretty dress
doesn't rest pretty on my knees like ladies' do,  but stands up stiff, like a bell waiting to be rung 
and exposing  that part of me where the sun doesn't shine and all the way up to my belly button. 
I usually stand and in horror, I run and cry all the way home to put on some nice lacey panties on because you must know,
I DO own nice panties I just forget to wear them.

Moral of the story.
Never forget to wear undies before leaving home or you will become one of  Second Life's entertainers
for all those perverts that can't get "any" in RL so they come here to "explore"... yeah right!

Free Panties for my lady friends Here! 

Thanks For Reading!
-Lori Novo

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Model & Photographer ~ Lori Novo


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